5 Home Decor Trends We Don’t Want To See In 2016

2015 has been quite a fantastic year for fashion, beauty and lifestyle trends. We saw some gorgeous braids that gave us major #Hairspiration in the beauty department while in fashion the saddlebag was titled the ‘It’ bag of 2015. In home decor too, there were too many trends that surely were eye-catching in 2015, but I think it’s time to ignore them in the coming year. Take a look at the decor trends that we’d like to bid adieu to in 2016!


Courtesy: Pepperfry.com

1. Chevron Prints

We’ve seen these prints almost everywhere — from curtains and quilts to dining mats and rugs. It was like chevron made its way from the wardrobe right into your home, so much so that by now you can’t really differentiate between your clothes and your mats. It’s over-saturated.

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2. Lettered Art Pieces

We don’t need words on everything we use to decorate our space. Pick products that are self-explanatory, not ones that require labeling. It is time to let go of art pieces with words like ‘hope’, ‘faith’, ‘book’ from your bookshelf!



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3. ‘Keep Calm’ Signs

‘Keep Calm’ posters, mugs and more, have been done to death and I think it’s time to stop misusing these two words already. I will admit that it was fun when it started. But now, with it in excess and in every colour possible… must stop!


Courtesy: Fabfurnish.com

4. Distressed Furniture

Wearing a pair of distressed denims and having it on your furniture are two separate things altogether. While distressed denims might not ever go out of trend just yet, it’s time for distressed furniture to make a smooth exit. I have nothing against antique furniture, but this is purposefully aged we’re talking about. Opt for a single-hued furniture instead.


Courtesy: Fabfurnish.com

5. Marsala

Since it was the colour of the year 2015, I loved using Marsala in my wardrobe and also in home decor. But, now when I look at it, I think it’s just a little too jarring for a solid colour to fill the walls of my living room. I really can’t wait to incorporate Pantone’s new colours for 2016 in my decor products.

Shachi Lavingia

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