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Winter-Inspired Décor Ideas To Keep Your Homes Cozy

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Winter is coming! The season of blankets, hot chocolate, and fuzzy jackets is just around the corner. In fact, we can already feel a nip in the air. We may not be blessed with snow in Mumbai, but most parts of India see temperatures drop considerably. As our clothing undergoes a change, so does our décor. Whites and pastel hues start to dominate the setting. We’ve already shown you how you can revamp your space using pastel shades, it’s now time to shift focus on white, shall we?

It is the one colour that immediately comes to our mind when we think of cold weather. Sure, it requires careful maintenance but can you deny the luxurious, royal vibes it exudes? The colour of peace, it instantly calms you down. Some people have already used this magnificent colour in their homes and have been kind enough to share the posts on Instagram. Scroll down to take inspiration and make the change! Whether it’s just adding a dreamcatcher or buying a whole new sofa set, choose your way of getting ‘whitened’ this year.












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