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Zahra’s Checklist: Floral Home Decor Is In Full Bloom!

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“Florals for spring? Groundbreaking.” So said Miranda Priestley in that famous scene from The Devil Wears Prada.

Groundbreaking or not, floral home decor is one of the hero trends of Spring/Summer 2016 and has confidently made its way from the runway into the living room. While florals have acquired something of a bad rep in decor circles over the years, they’re back in fashion this season as the perfect way to inject a pop of colour and freshness into your living space. Reimagined in vintage pastels or saturated contrasting colours via patterned wallpapers, upholstery, furniture or decor accents, there’s no doubt that the floral trend is blooming booming!

The most obvious way to tap into the floral trend is via floral fabrics. Inject a dose of prettiness into your living room via daintily printed curtains or an accent couch. If that’s too much floral for you, opt for some seriously pretty cushions to accent a solid love seat or chair. Freshly cut flowers always add a happy vibe to a room but they don’t last very long, so the next best thing is faux floral arrangements in high-quality silk that look beyond amazing. Then there’s also floral art. India Circus has some great wall art pieces that you can introduce into your living room. The key thing to remember is not going overboard.

Keep scrolling to shop some of my favourite picks below:


Good Earth Dupion Silk Cushion_Hauterfly

Good Earth Dupion Silk Cushions (Rs 2,800 each)


Safomasi Coconut Palm Pickers Floor Cushion_Hauterfly

Safomasi Mint Coconut Palm Pickers Floor Cushion (Rs 2,450)


Good Earth Persian Garden Cup And Saucer Set_Hauterfly

Good Earth Persian Garden Cup & Saucer – Set of 6 (Rs 9,200)


India Circus Beryl Bouton Wall Art_Hauterfly

India Circus Beryl Boutonniere Canvas Wall Art (Rs 4,700 approx)


India Circus Cest La Vie Doormat_Hauterfly

India Circus C’est La Vie Doormat (Rs 999 approx)


Nicobar Flora Katori_Hauterfly

Nicobar Flora Katori (Rs 450)



Urban Ladder Janet Love Seat (Rs 17,000)


House Proud Quilted Bedspread_Hauterfly

House Proud Quilted Bed Spread (Rs 4,800)


Diptique Tubereuse Candle_Hauterfly

Diptyque Tubereuse Candle (Rs 7,600)


The Label Life Oriental Floral Tablecloth_Hauterfly

The Label Life Oriental Floral Tablecloth (Rs 1,690)


Green Girgit Metal Pot Planter_Hauterfly

Green Girgit Metal Pot Planter (Rs 700)


Idam Floral Cushion Cover_Hauterfly

Idam Floral Cushion Cover (Rs 1,400)


Firangi Floral Bath Mat_Hauterfly

Firangi Floral Bath Mat (Rs 499)


Fornasetti Lidded Candle_Hauterfly

Fornasetti Fior di Bacio Lidded Candle (Rs 12,500 approx)


Niana Floral Scented Candle Set_Hauterfly

Niana Floral Candles – Set of 3 (Rs 1,500)


Nearly Natural Silk Daisy Arrangement_Hauterfly

Nearly Natural Silk Daisy Arrangement (Rs 3,570 approx)


Vera Wang Wedgewood Floral Leaf Dinner Set_Hauterfly

Vera Wang Wedgewood Floral Leaf Dinner Set (Rs 5,400 approx)


Kate Spade Floral Apron_Hauterfly

Kate Spade Floral Apron (Rs 2,150 approx)


Jaipur Blue Floral Rug_Hauterfly

Jaipur Blue Floral Rug (Rs 2,4o0 approx)


Nicobar Flora Rectangular Platter_Hauterfly

Nicobar Flora Rectangular Platter (Rs 2,980)


Nicobar Mahe Botanical Cushion_Hauterfly

Nicobar Mahe Botanical Cushion (Rs 850)


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