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13 Décor Products That Will Make Your Homes Festive Ready

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It’s that time of the year again, when all you can hear are the beats of the dhol and wherever you look, you see the vibrant colours of our culture on display. Yes, the festive season has began with a bang, literally! (cue: firecrackers!) For the next few months, you will see a complete change in your surroundings, everything will be brighter and more lively. In fact, even your attire, makeup and hairstyles will complement the colours of the season. The sheer joy of dressing up for these occasions starts months in advance.

The same holds true for decking up our homes, too. The festive season means a change in décor. Even if it’s just adding a few flowers or buying new bedding, it is mandatory to make your house look more celebratory during these months. Add an Indian touch, and the whole vibe of our living spaces transforms. Plus, Indian designs are so much more fun and quirky! So scroll down to see a curated list of décor products that you can totally buy for your homes. These will definitely give you and your house some solid ethnic feels!














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