#AskHauterfly: How Do I Kick My Clutter Habit?

#AskHauterfly: How Do I Kick My Clutter Habit?

The one chore I can never get myself to do is cleaning… gah! How I hate it. It is something I always tend to keep for later, and this I (ashamedly) say with experience — later never comes. Thanks to my trait of being organisationally-challenged, I am almost always subject to a thousand warnings by my mom before she decides to give up on me and tidy up my room by herself. If you’re someone like me, you will know that the struggle is real. Yes, we’re the kinds who stock up on a zillion things, most of which unneeded, awaiting for that one day when it’ll be of some use to us. And before we know it, we’ve a store room full of things we haven’t used (or will use) in years.

Think about it! How many times (in the last three years) have you purchased something that you used to the fullest? And did you get rid of that product once its utility was over? Also, how many products have you bought that have only made it to the top-most, unused shelf of your closet? Well, here’s a more pertinent question if you’ve been guilty of not using things you’ve shopped. Did you know, buying things without using them can cost you? Yes. Cluttering is not just about cleanliness anymore; collecting products can bring about a dent in your wallet as well.

Want to kick that clutter habit and get organised? Here are top five things you need to stop doing to help you with the same!

Purchasing What You Don’t Need:

Think of the numerous unnecessary things you pick up on your visit to the mall — that extra lipstick, a dress you don’t need right away and those useless clips that you’re never going to wear, among others. There’ll always be certain things that you don’t use or need but will want anyway. Before you go shopping, ask yourself what you absolutely require, and most importantly stick to the plan. Make a list if you have to. When you head to the checkout counter, weigh your decision of buying a product before you swipe your card! You’ll be shocked as to how much you can actually save over a period of time thanks to this tip.

Re-Buying What You Already Own:

You decide to make something for your friend’s birthday but are unable to locate your craft supplies at home. So you go ahead and buy new ones instead of searching for the things you already own. This scenario seems familiar? Well buying the same thing will cost you too, regardless of how inexpensive your purchase has been. Not to mention that you’re only adding to the clutter at home. Put in that extra effort and seek for the ‘apparent’ lost goods in your room. Or ask your mom to help you out. Remember, there’s nothing moms can’t locate.

Misplacing Coupons:

Don’t you get excited when you receive free coupons? Well, coupons were made for a reason — they help us save money. So try to stock them up in a particular drawer where you can grab them when they’re needed. Whether it’s food coupons, menu cards or ads on sale; keep them all at one spot so they can come handy in time. Also, remember to use the coupons way before its expiry date.

Not Cleaning Up Regularly:

Think about the time you spend in clearing up the mess that’s a result of piling up all the things you don’t need. As clichéd as this may sound, time is money. The more time you spend looking for stuff in the mess you’ve made or cleaning up that mess altogether (we know it never gets done in a day), the more money you’re wasting! Also, when you dump products randomly, the quality of your belongings deteriorate. Think about it, is the laziness worth it? Surely not!

Stocking Unwanted Things:

Have you ever realised the amount you pay for cupboards and storage units, half of which is filled with products you probably don’t use? When you’re out of space, the first step is to look out for more storage space rather than just get rid of unneeded things. Not to mention, the insane amount of money you spend in moving luggage from one place to another in case you’re shifting flats. Whether you’re moving out or not, learn to prioritise and give yourself a time period within which you WILL declutter. Adhere to this target and you’re good to go!

Shachi Lavingia

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