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#HauteSounds: 5 Foreign Collabs By AR Rahman That Are Everything!

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He needs no introduction. The maestro of Indian music, AR Rahman, has made us proud to be Indians, more times than we can count. Having won almost every music award out there, including the Oscar, this man has proved that hard work will give you sweet results. From working in film studios with his father in Chennai when he was just 9 years old, to performing with Michael Jackson in Germany and composing a Punjabi song for the opening ceremony of London Olympics, he has come a very, very long way with a lot of talent and bit of luck. And today, we celebrate this musical genius’s birthday (January 6).

Rahman started his film scoring career with Roja, and we still get goosebumps while singing Bharat Humko Jaan Se Pyaara Hai. And from there began his journey to create compositions that would go on to impact people beautifully. With a mix of contemporary and eastern beats, he creates something truly unique. Though he has hundreds of songs to his credit, he is one Indian who is known all over the globe, for the work that he has done. Not only has he created magic in his home country, but he has demonstrated his skill far and wide. Now, we know of Slumdog Millionaire and Provoked, but here are 5 lesser-known collaborations by the genius musician which, quite frankly, are brilliant. And if you knew them, pat yourself on the back, you are a certified Rahman fan!


1. Warriors Of Heaven And Earth

In 2003, he created a soundtrack of around 15 acoustic songs for this Chinese saga about the Silk Route. There are Hindi versions of this song, but the original Mandarin track captures the true Rahman essence.


2. If I Rise

Danny Boyle’s movie 127 Hours had one of the most trance-inducing tracks by the maestro, accompanied by Dido’s haunting voice.


3. People Like Us

He composed 18 tracks for this indie short film by Alex Krutzman that was backed by Stephen Spielberg.


4. Muhammad: The Messenger Of God

This Iranian movie by Majid Majidi, about Prophet Muhammad’s life journey, had Rahman lend his music knowledge and compose tracks that are soulful. The music was recorded across Iran, India, Germany, France, and Egypt with around 200 musicians.


5. We Could Be Kings

Yes, one of the tracks of Disney’s epic movie Million Dollar Arm was created by AR Rahman.

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