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Researchers Develop ‘Two-Pronged Strategy’ That Detects Early Signs Of Breast Cancer

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Sometimes, I wonder why women have to deal with so many problems. I mean, just let us live in peace, yaar! Well, speaking of women’s problems, we know that breast cancer occurs when breast cells start to grow abnormally. Doctors and researchers are trying to find new strategies that can detect the early signs of breast cancer. And we have some good news here, researchers have discovered a new strategy that can help in detecting early signs of breast cancer.

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The researchers at Georgetown Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center have created a new ‘two-pronged strategy’ for assessing the density of the breast in mice. The new strategy resulted in greater identification of changes in the breast tissue that also includes the early indicators of cancer. The researchers mentioned that they believe this new strategy will be adapted from mice to improve the imaging of the human breast. This new and innovative study was published in the American Journal of Pathology.

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The corresponding author of the study, Priscilla A. Furth, who is also the MD and professor of oncology and medicine at Georgetown Lombardi, said that having a means to accurately assess mammary gland density in mice, just as is done clinically using mammograms for women, is an important research advance.

Georgetown alum Brendan Rooney developed an innovative analytic computer program that allows the sorting of mammary gland tissue for one of two imaging assessments. After looking at younger mouse glands, Rooney found out that a program that removes background noises in images helped boost the detection of abnormalities in tissues that are typically rounder and more lobular, as per the study.

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Well, this new strategy that detects early signs of breast cancer feels like a blessing for all women, to be honest!

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