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A Group Of Men In Bihar Harass And Shame A Girl For Sitting In An Isolated Spot With A Male Friend

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Explain something to me. Why can’t a girl and a boy hang out without society thinking that they’re having sex? And even if they are two consenting adults engaging in intercourse, I don’t see the problem. But clearly, in India, it’s impossible for a girl and a guy to be seen together without people shaming and harassing them, especially the girl. Suddenly, her character gets assassinated to shreds and no matter how much we protest this kind of shaming, the moral policing goes on. Recently, in Bihar, a girl was brutally harassed by a group of men for merely sitting with a guy friend. It’s shameful and disappointing.

On February 20, a girl was allegedly harassed by a group of men who saw her sitting and spending time with a male friend. The accused shamed the girl, forcibly took videos of her and even abused her when she requested them to let her go. The videos show the girl dressed in what looks like a school uniform and the group of men harassed and policed her for sitting with her friend at an isolated spot. Remind me, where are these” vigilante” men when women are raped or abused?

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In the video of this nasty incident, the accused can be seen surrounding the girl as she makes many failed attempts of escaping. She also tries to repeatedly cover her face with a scarf but the group of men snatch her scar and continue to shame her. The accused also beat up the male friend accompanying the girl. In the video, you can hear her requests to not film this and post it on social media, but to no avail. The girl is seen fleeing but she gets eventually caught by the accused and harassed to reveal her father’s name and address.

It’s very sad that even now, girls are harassed for such petty reasons. So what if she was sitting there with a male friend? This kind of shameful moral policing needs to end now.

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