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Bigg Boss Star Shehnaaz Gill Was Asked Why Her Wrinkles Were Showing On An Instagram Live Session. She Blamed It On Makeup.

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Okay, here’s a question. Why are people so ashamed of their stretch marks, scars or wrinkles? Women have been forced into these unrealistic beauty standards for far too long now. We are required to cover up any and all imperfections to achieve a flawless look. Because that is “normal”. However, stretch marks and scars aren’t imperfections. So, why are women, especially celebrities, called out for them? It’s ridiculous. Most recently, Bigg Boss star Shehnaaz Gill was asked about her wrinkles that were showing during an Instagram live. Why must this be called out? 

Shenaaz Gill who is riding high on her Bigg Boss fame, interacted with her fans through an Instagram live. During the session, one of her followers commented saying that her wrinkles were showing. However, instead of owning it, Shehnaaz blamed it on her makeup. 

Shenaaz replied saying, “Kisine likha ‘bohot wrinkles dikh rahe hai’ (Someone said my wrinkles are showing a lot),” Further adding, “Wrinkles nahi hai yeh, mera make-up na thoda upar chala gaya has has ke. Thoda touch-up karungi toh phir theek ho jayega (These are not wrinkles, my make-up has become a little uneven because I laughed so much. A touch-up will fix it). Pata hi nahi hai tum logon ko kuch (You people know nothing).” 


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Here’s the thing, whether it’s the makeup or you actually have wrinkles, it doesn’t matter. Having wrinkles is not the end of the world. But the fact that someone actually commented and pointed out that her wrinkles are showing, paints a vivid picture of the mentality of people.  

Earlier in the session, Shehnaaz Gill revealed that she had done her make up herself. She said that she did not know how to fill eyebrows and hence had to watch YouTube tutorials to learn. After she said this, a person attending her live commented saying she didn’t need make up. To this, she replied saying that she knew she was naturally beautiful and if she wasn’t, she wouldn’t be an artist. Erm okay… 

She said, “Natural beauty achchi hai. Main nahi bolti main achchi nahi hoon, main bohot sundar hoon. Main khud bolti hoon yeh baat. Sundar na hoti toh phir artist na hoti (Natural beauty is good. I am not saying that I am not beautiful, I am. I admit it. If I was not beautiful, I would not be an artist).” 

The bottom line is, makeup or no makeup, wrinkles showing are not a big deal. We’ve got to move past this mentality and dismantle such beauty goals. 

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