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As The Bhatt Clan Comes Under The Nepotism Scanner, Pooja Bhatt Argues That They’ve Launched More Outsiders Than Anyone In The Industry

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People always say that you win some battles and you lose some. But, then there are those that you can neither win nor lose since the battle itself is baseless. For instance, the nepotism battle that seems to crop up in our entertainment industry every few months. Don’t get me wrong, I am in no way saying that nepotism is not a problem in Bollywood. Of course, it is. Sushant Singh Rajput seemingly lost his life over it. But the truth is, this star kids v/s outsiders battle is going nowhere. Right now, people are enraged at the “gatekeepers” and the supposed bullies of Bollywood. A lot has been said and a lot of voices have been raised (*coughs* Kangana Ranaut *coughs*) but is there an actual solution to this problem? 

Sushant’s death on 14 June has left us all taken aback and very sad. It quickly reignited the age-old nepotism debate since it was revealed that Sushant lost a bunch of movies in the months leading up to his death. In fact, Sushant’s family has launched a website/ app called Nepometer that is designed to tell the ratio between star kids and outsiders in a particular movie. 

Unfortunately, Pooja Bhatt and Alia Bhatt’s latest venture Sadak 2, which has been directed by Mahesh Bhatt, produced by her uncle Mukesh Bhatt has rated a 98% on the Nepometer scale. This has brought on some heavy criticizing of the movie and the Bhatt family has been accused of, you guessed it, indulging in nepotism. 

Pooja Bhatt is not someone who is going to take these accusations sitting down. She took to Twitter and posted a series of tweets reminding people that the Bhatt family had launched more outside talent than all of the industry combined. 

Her first tweet read, “Have been asked to comment on the hot topic Nepotism that people are raging about. As someone who hails from a ‘family’ that has launched more new talent-actors, musicians & technicians, than the entire film industry combined I can only laugh. Facts don’t find takers. Fiction does.” 

After this tweet, she spoke of the time that people accused her family of only launching outside talent and boycotting already established actors. Wow, the sheer irony. 

She wrote, “There was a time when the Bhatt’s were accused of having something against established actors & made to feel inferior for only working with/launching newcomers & not chasing stars. And now the same people play the nepotism card? Google & tweet guys & won’t even say think & speak.”  

Then, she went on to talk about the face of the nepotism debate- Kangana Ranaut. Pooja said that even she was launched by her father’s production house, Vishesh films because they recognised her talent. 

Pooja writes, “As for Kangana Ranaut-She is a great talent, if not she wouldn’t have been launched by Vishesh films in “Gangster”. Yes, Anurag Basu discovered her, but Vishesh Films backed his vision & invested in the film. No small feat. Here’s wishing her the very best in all her endeavours.” 

Moving on to their movie, Sadak 2, Pooja said that the Bhatt clan were launching a new face through this movie. 

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She said, “Even #Sadak2 gives birth to a brand new talent in the form of @Suniljeet72.  A music teacher from Chandigarh who came to our office with no prior appointment, a dream, a harmonium & a brilliant song called ‘Ishq Kamaal’ that was absorbed into the film on first hearing by my father.” 

Her concluding tweet was straightforward and hard-hitting. She says that it’s a tragedy that people who have profited from the support of her family, have forgotten that. Yikes, could this be a dig at Kangana? 

She says, “Toh yeh ‘Nepotism’ shabd se kissi aur Ko zalil karne ki koshish karo doston. The people who have found their way into the movies through the springboard we provided over the decades know what we stand for. And if they have forgotten, It’s their tragedy. Not ours. Have a great day!” 

You have to love Pooja Bhatt. I mean, there is just no bullshit with her. 

Look, I am in no way am I saying that nepotism in the industry is justified. I really believe that even though the star kids don’t have to earn their spots, people with no connection the industry don’t even get the fighting chance and that is extremely unfair. But is anyone really benefitting from this recurring battle? Because from where I stand, all people are doing is quarrelling over star-kid privilege. At least the Bhatt family is actively trying to give chances to outsiders, that’s what you do to actually make a difference. 

This is a blind game of blame and a vicious cycle at that. It’s not going in any direction, let alone the right one. We just need to let this nepotism battle die down, it’s high time.

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