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Anushka Sharma Just Gave It Back To Farokh Engineer In The Most Epic Way Possible And We Love It

October 31, 2019 | by Mitali Shah

The thing about blame is that it is probably the easiest game to play. Passing comments and pointing fingers like a typical Indian auntie is everyone’s entertainment except the one the joke is on. I had a neighbour like that once- she once claimed she saw my maid pick something from her house. She created a whole hullaballoo about it- called my mother at work, alerted the watchman. It then turns out; my maid had an ironclad alibi. It pissed us off so much, my mother yelled at that neighbour. Like I said, pointing fingers at someone without credible proof, is annoying. Stuck in a similar situation but on a way larger scale is Anushka Sharma. She is now retaliating to every statement made against her, and all we have to say is the people blaming her for baseless shit had it coming. We are so glad she is finally standing up for herself!

Do you know how it took one trigger event to begin World War I? The comments made by former cricketer Farokh Engineer about how he has seen members of the Indian selection committee fetching tea for Anushka served as the trigger event for the actress.

She took to Instagram to post a two-slide statement. In her statement, she says that after maintaining silence on such matters for so many years, she has decided to speak up now not because this incident has upset her, but because she doesn’t want her silence to be mistaken as a weakness. She says, “They say, say a lie so many times repeatedly that it starts to look like the truth and I am afraid this is what has been happening with me. My silence has made the lies spitted against me seem true but that ends today.” All we have to say to her is, you go, girl!

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Anushka also recalled previous instances when her name was dragged through the dirt just because she was in a relationship with the star cricketer- Virat Kohli. When it came to Indian cricket, the Band Baaja Baarat actress has really been blamed for the most ridiculous things.

She continues to say, “My name has been used in fabricated stories claiming that I am part of close-door team meetings and influenced selection processes and I have kept silent. My name has been wrongfully used to say how I have been given preferential treatment or how I have overstayed my authorized time with my husband on foreign tours which if anyone really cared about finding facts from the board, would know that I have always and always followed protocol but yet. I kept quiet.” And like the boss lady she is, she ended her statement saying, “and for the record, I drink coffee.”

Based on pure conjecture, Anushka has been blamed for utter rubbish just because she is an actress who is married to the captain of the Indian cricket team. I mean, it makes no sense! India loses a cricket match, it is because Virat was distracted with Anushka in the stands *rolls eyes*. If that is the case, why isn’t Virat blamed when Anushka’s movies fail to perform on the box-office? I am so glad she is finally stepping up and giving it back to all her haters, they really need to hear this.

We aren’t the only proud ones; a lot of Bollywood stars also came out to support her. Ranveer Singh was the first one to comment saying, “Hahahaha! hard hard … Diyela hai. (gave it to them)”  After him, Arjun Kapoor commented saying, “She hits it out f the park. Massive strike huge hit it’s outta here !!!” Parineeti Chopra commented too saying, “Love you Anushka! And coffee > tea.”

Just because they are public figures doesn’t mean you have the right to blame them as and when you wish. Let’s get that straight now, shall we?


Mitali Shah

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