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Ananya Panday Was Called A ‘Flatscreen’ And ‘Chicken Legs’. Skinny Shaming Is Also Body Shaming

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Here’s a fact that most people don’t consider: calling out a skinny person for being skinny is also body shaming. It’s right up there with telling a fat person not eat that last slice of cake. And especially with the social media boom, trolls, make it a point to drop nasty comments about other people’s bodies. Whether they are thin or curvy, no one is spared from this inane body shaming that happens. And celebrities get the worst of it. Yes, social media has had a very positive effect on the world but there is a side to it that is absolutely nasty. Recently, Ananya Panday opened up about how she was trolled for being too thin even before she was an actor. What will it take to get these trolls to leave celebrities and their bodies alone? A life, maybe?

In a recent interview with Bollywood Bubble, Ananya Panday talked about bullying and how she deals with all the trolling. She said that ever since school people have been body-shaming her for being too thin. They would call her ‘chicken legs’, ‘toothpick legs’ and someone once called her a flatscreen. This is so mean!

In the interview, Anaya was asked when was the first time she received hate on social media. She said, “I don’t remember the exact time but I remember there used to be pictures of me with my parents. At that time, I wasn’t an actor. I would go out with my parents and as I said, I was very thin. People used to say I look like a boy, a flatscreen and all those kinds of things.”


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Further adding, “At that time, it did hurt because those are the times when you are forming your self-confidence and you are learning to love yourself. And then, when you feel like someone else is pulling you down, you start doubting yourself, the way you look and everything. But I feel like now, slowly, I am reaching a point where I am just focussing on accepting myself.”

Anaya Panday’s positivity is really contagious. It’s no secret that she is tremendously trolled and has been ever since before she even joined the industry. To combat all that cyber-bullying, Ananya started a social media campaign called ‘So Positive’ in 2019. We are glad she took a stand and is choosing to not focus on negativity.

More power to Ananya Panday!

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