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Ananya Panday Says Nepotism Only Gets You The First Film. We Think It Gets You Way More Than That

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Ever since Kangana Ranaut attacked Karan Johar calling him out to be the “flag-bearer of nepotism”, it is a word that has just stuck in the industry. Though the raging debate has somewhat simmered down now, it hasn’t completely gone away. And in many ways, we think it shouldn’t die down. Every now and then we can hear a little chatter either for or against the topic. A lot of seasoned actors have a lot of different perspectives regarding nepotism, but as is usually the case, they’ve shied away from creating any noise about ti.

The nepotism debate can never really fade away totally because the sides are always going to clash. There is no middle ground, either you think it is justified or you don’t. Mumbai is full of with struggling actors who have spent years trying to find their big break. When the situation is such, do you think it is unfair that a star kid can just waltz in at a very young age and be signed by some of the biggest production houses? Or do you think that it is okay because, after the first two movies, the star kid is also technically left to fall or fly by themselves?

The reason we are talking about this again is because of Ananya Panday, who is just two films old in the industry and has a very different take on nepotism.

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In a recent interview, she was talking about being aware of how privileged she is to be signed by Karan Johar for her debut movie. She said, “Filmmaking is a very expensive business, they are not going to put money on the people they don’t believe in, talent really speaks at the end of the day. When an audience is watching the film, they are not saying ye iska beta ya iski beti hai, they are watching it as an actor, so I feel like it’s easy to get your first film but after that sustaining is the tough part.”

Look, we aren’t saying the business of films is easy, we imagine it isn’t. And despite her stance, Ananya does come from a place of privilege. According to Ananya, a star kid gets the first movie easily but faces the pressure of sustaining themselves after that. But that’s the thing Ananya, most people don’t get a chance even to that first movie. You get the foot in the door, most other people don’t. And we cannot not recognise that.

An outsider with absolutely no connections to Bollywood has to struggle for years before they even get an audition for a decent, high budget movie. And if that movie does not do well, there is no way they are given a second chance.

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In the same interview, she also says, “I’m always aware of my privilege. I never said that I am not privileged. I really feel that I was lucky enough to get a chance to meet Karan Johar, most people don’t get that chance. That access is so important and once you enter that room it’s really up to you what you do in those rooms.”

Again, how many newcomers will get to be in the same room as Karan Johar? It’s plenty to think about.

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