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10 Masks To Combat Delhi’s Pollution

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Lately, with the rising levels of pollution, life has become extremely difficult, especially in metros — more specifically in Delhi. Face masks are slowly becoming vital for survival. Earlier, we would shame people who wore them — now it’s a way of staying alive. While we pledge to do whatever it takes to bring these hazardous levels down, we also have to make sure we stay fit at the same time.

While there are the usual green and white surgical masks available in the market, you can now choose to invest in some amazing designer ones online that not only keep you safe, but make you look good too. Some of the masks are more than just the cotton cloth. They have filters that clean the air you breathe, thus saving you from various respiratory problems.

Face masks have also made their way to the ramp, with both China Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week showcasing them. Delhi-based designer, Manish Arora, collaborated with leading face mask manufacturer, Vogmask, to come out with a set of designs that brought these otherwise boring masks to life. Such collaborations are a sign that, though none of us want this accessory to become a part of our wardrobe, it most likely is the next thing we are going to be spending our money on.

And if you are in the capital right now, I suggest you buy one asap. Take your pick from the list below and ensure that you and your family is a step closer to being safe and healthy. And while you are at it, there is no harm in being stylish too, right?












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