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8 Cute And Thoughtful Gifts To Give A Crazy Cat Lady In Your Life

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When I was younger, I wasn’t very fond of cats. However, I got acquainted with cats thanks to my aunt who has an army of cats at home, an army that just keeps expanding. So I went over to her place all excited to play with so many cats. I walked up to this one cat who was looking as calm as a monk but the moment I reached out to pet her, she scratched my arm right away. Of course, that made me despise cats for the longest time. I can today, relate to that particular cat completely since that is how I feel about a lot of people but that is a whole different story.

Cut to 2015, things changed when I came across a cat and her adorable litter. I don’t know what came over me my sister and I picked up those furry babies and got them home. Since then, there was no looking back for us. Now, I have three adorable munchkins that I love more than my life and my parents love more than their biological kids!

So, now that everyone knows I am a proud cat-mom, my friends often gift me all-cat related things (aren’t they the best?). Honestly, I can’t get enough and I have become quite a hoarder but who cares? I am sure you know at least one person who obsesses over cats like my 14-year-old self did over Edward Cullen. So whether it’s an occasion, your friend needs to be cheered up or you just want to express your love – here is a list of things you can gift a crazy cat lady.


This one is for the girl who loves both cats and unicorns and also has an unconditional love for chai. Every time she takes a sip of her tea, she will think of you and what an amazing friend you are. Thoda dramatic? Yes, it is!

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Do you know what would really be cute and thoughtful at the same time? Gifting your friend this cat-print sipper. It will motivate her to drink water at regular interval and stay hydrated. Trust me when I say that she will cherish this sipper forever and will not allow anyone to even lay a finger on it. That’s how we crazy cat ladies function, most of us at least (hides face).


Look at these headphones; anyone would fall for them. I know I did even though I am not a music-freak (take a hint nice friends!) So, you can only imagine your music-loving bestie would squeal out of excitement when she receives these adorable headphones.   4

Slogan Print Cat Ear Hoodie (Rs. 1,112)

Do you know how they say “You become the person you live with?” It’s a known fact that people who own cats tend to absorb their personality traits. They become lazier and also a sucker for cuddles. If you have heard your friend say “I think I am turning into my cat!” this hoodie is the perfect gift for her.


Is your BFF someone who loves her hair and will do anything to maintain it? Well, this cat hairbrush is just the thing for her! And being the thoughtful, supporting, crazy friend that you are, shouldn’t you gift it to her?


This one is for the makeup freak cat lady. You may have seen your friend with a basic makeup bag that she refuses to throw out for some reason. Buy this bag for her so she can embrace her cat love, giving her all the reasons she needs to get rid of her stone-aged makeup bag.


I know that this wallet might be a little expensive for its size, but does that matter when you love your friend as much as she loves her cat(s)? Also, this is currently on sale so I would suggest you click on the link and get her this wallet.

We all have a perpetually sleepy friend who can sleep anytime, anywhere. Here is another thoughtful gift you can give her that will allow her to sleep over an uncomfortable desk rather comfortably.

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Sama is a Social Media Executive at Hauterfly. She owns 3 fiend cats that she loves the most, besides pizzas and everything junk! Her love for BTS is immense and will cry at every breath they take!

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