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5 Ways To Keep Your Social Life Active During This Lockdown

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These past couple of weeks have been more of a challenge for people across the world, than any other time and even though it looks like a simple thing to do to battle the novel Coronavirus – you know, to stay at home at all times – it takes a toll on you nonetheless. One of the first feelings to hit me, and it hit me hard, was that of suffocation, followed soon by that of aloofness. From once having a routine that worked for me, having friends and family in my life who I knew loved me, to suddenly be isolated and out of touch (quite literally), from it all overnight, has left me feeling rather helpless and as time has gone by – lonely.

It isn’t that I didn’t have friends, family or a lover anymore. But it is the fact that as social distancing came into place, so did a tad bit of social media distancing, regardless of what the consensus might say. Yes, people did take to social media channels like moths to a flame, keeping up with challenges and engaging in light-hearted meme-icry. But most of them, still stayed a little wary of their social life, for they did not know how to go about it.

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I, for one, am guilty of being one of those people who didn’t know any better at the time. The contrast and sudden jump from once being socially relevant to now being stuck at home and away from my circle left me feeling unsettled. But it was when I realised how social distancing doesn’t mean distancing yourself from your friends virtually, factoring in how you’d still like to have a few friends after this lock down ends, I came about these 5 ways that helped me keep up with my social life…

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Reach out to your posse

Start by finally attending those calls you’ve been dodging by your friends, or try making calls of your own to your gang, which you know is going to make you feel better in no time. Now that enough time has passed for us to make peace this version of reality, it is important we make contact with our friends, especially since they probably know us best. Or drop in a text or a call to check up on them and also let them know how you are okay although you miss dessert.

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Celebrate important days together

Yes, being stuck in quarantine sucks, more so when you have important days like anniversaries and birthdays coming up. But, sitting home and whining about it is only going to make it worse, which is why, you must try to celebrate it with your family and friends virtually, anyway. Invite your people up on a zoom call or a video call, make a toast to your special day and be grateful to be celebrating it alive and healthy, no matter how far. And once the lockdown is lifted, you can always make up for the lost time by an actual party!

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Take up an activity together

Be it taking online dance classes, working out together or being part of game nights like scrabble, Ludo or the more intense Counter strike and Pubg kinds, it tremendously helps to become a part of an activity with your friends to keep yourself engaged and in touch. Set a time, put it under your daily routine, and before you know it, you’ll have something to look forward to.

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Have virtual reunions

Even before the lockdown was put into place, a lot of us would sucked at staying in touch, especially with people who are out of sight, courtesy our fast faced lives and busy schedules. Or so we told ourselves. Since that has been taken care of now, what with the lockdown in place and plenty of time on our hands, use this time to host virtual reunions with old friends and reminisce old times together. It won’t only make you feel better, but remind you of the joy you have been missing!

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Get Neighbourly

Physical interaction, beyond with the ones living in your house is a distant dream for all of us, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still engage in the good old balcony-banter with your next door neighbour. Maintaining the six feet apart protocol, you can allow yourself to drop in a friendly greeting every now and then, when you pass by your neighbours porch, or find them standing in the balcony. After all, having cooped up in your house for so long, even the slightest of one-on-one conversation is sure to take you a long way!

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