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5 Times Tahira Kashyap Khurrana Showed Us The Power Of Self-love!

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Tahira Kashyap Khurrana is the epitome of strength and self-love. She is a writer, filmmaker, and above, all a cancer survivor. In a world where many women feel the need to hide the fact that they have cancer, Tahira shared her entire journey on social media with grace, courage, and joy. Yes, joy. You have to follow her to believe us!

Here are all the times Tahira inspired us to believe in ourselves:

When she followed her dream against all odds

Tahira had to overcome a lot of insecurities before she finally decided to pursue her dream of becoming a filmmaker. However, she was diagnosed with breast cancer during the time. More power to women like Tahira who relentlessly chase their dreams and don’t let anything bring them down!

When she worked through chemo

Tahira wasn’t daunted one bit by her having to go for her films pre-production and manage to get her shots in between her chemotherapy appointments. In fact, she believes that it was her work that helped her heal. She said that being able to do what she is passionate about took away the pain.

When she spread love on Insta even when she was so sick

When Tahira’s doctor told her that there are women who are afraid to even get a lump checked, she decided to share her journey openly. She talked about her treatment, the hair extensions, and all the ups and downs. She claims that she got a lot of love on social media and she wants to give back! Her quirky videos with smart captions always make us smile and look forward to lots more.

When she walked the ramp during Lakme Fashion Week after going bald

You have got to admire her confidence when she walked bald at such a glamourous and fashionable event. We wish even a fraction of her confidence rubs off on us and we stop cribbing about little things like a bad hair day.

When she bared her scar as a badge of honour

When Tahira put up a picture with her mastectomy scar on World Cancer Day along with the caption “Today is my day!”, she redefined self-love. We love the way she sees this as a moment to celebrate the spirit with which she has endured the disease!

Tahira we hope talking to your boob helps it grow (to get this inside joke check her twitter page), we wish your new movie is a smashing success, we believe your journey has been, and continues to be, a shining example to all women everywhere. Thanks for spreading the love!



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