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5 Things You Will Relate To If You Still Aren’t Working From Home In The Times Of Coronavirus

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If today was your last day on earth, what would you want to do? Spend the rest of your time with your loved ones or be sitting in your office working till your heart gives out? Okay, I might be overreacting a little, but you can’t deny the fact that there is nothing scarier than seeing the “city that never sleeps” so eerily quiet. Everyone is running to stock up as the malls shut down and the grocery stores run out of stock.

However, while everyone is planning to isolate themselves and practice social distancing, you are sitting at your desk for eight hours a day and slogging away.

Here are five things you will relate to if you haven’t been issued work from home despite the pandemic!


  1. You are so jealous that all your friends get to work while chilling around their houses in pajamas and taking nap breaks and you have to wake up, make yourself look presentable and drag your ass to work. It’s not really fair. It’s like in school when all the other children leave to go home but you’re like stuck in detention. Only this time, it’s not your fault but that doesn’t change the fact that you feel such envy.

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2. The trains seem scarier than ever. Because let’s face it a Mumbai local at peak hours is a playground for coronavirus but that is only part of the reason. You see, where on a normal day you would be fighting to get a place to sit now you are fighting to get a place to stand. I mean, who knows whose butt has touched those seats and this is not the right time follow your jo hoga dekha jaeyga


3. Also, you spend your entire train ride exchanging knowing looks with other passengers who are also commuting to work. It is your way of asking them to hang in there even though you know all of you’ll are dead (pun not intended) in the middle of a high-danger zone. It’s the look I am sure army men and women share with each other before they go to war.

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4. You’ve sent out at least three emails to your boss’s stating all the statistics and facts about coronavirus, some links to how bad the situation is but much to your despair, this has yielded no results. Now, you have developed a newfound hatred for your company’s HR department.


5. While you are work if anyone as much as sneezes in office the whole offices stops what they are doing and look at that person in disgust. Everyone then reaches out for their sanitisers slyly.  It is worse if you are that person because then you’re just so ashamed of having a mere cold. But hey, the virus spreads with every sneeze so better safe, than sorry.

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