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5 Slumber Party Snack Recipes That Will Win You The Title Of ‘World’s Best BFF’!

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A slumber party with my girls is incomplete without them raiding my fridge and pantry in the middle of the night, in search for my mom’s food. What better way to be prepared for that than to have food available for your girls’ night in?!

Cooking with your best friends is a good idea as well, as long all the ingredients are not devoured before you put them together. Here are a bunch of fun recipes to try out the next time your girlies are over for a Gossip Girl marathon! (‘Cause who ever sleeps at a slumber party, right?)

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Pizza Dip Bites – Mel’s Kitchen Cafe

1. Pizza Dip Bites

Pizza should be a staple late-night snack. Just make these mini pizza bites in your oven, and they’ll be devoured in minutes! This midnight snack is super quick and easy to make, and will definitely satisfy your cravings for all things carbs!

Click here for the recipe.

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Grilled Cheese – Babble

2. Grilled Cheese Roll-Ups

One of the most foolproof slumber party snacks (after french fries of course) has got to be grilled cheese. This super easy recipe is sure to keep your girlfriends happy through the night.

Click here for the recipe.

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Yogurt Bark – Babble

3. Rainbow Yogurt Bark

This oh-so-Instagrammable treat is surely gonna make your friends tag you as the best host ever on their Insta stories. This rainbow bark is extremely easy to make, and let’s not forget  how healthy it is as well.

Click here for the recipe.

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Brownie Kisses – Call Me PMC

4. Brownie Kisses

No #girlsquad chilling session is complete without a good dose of chocolate. Indulge in these brownie kisses with your girls, and keep their sugar levels high before any of them dose off and ruin the vibe!

Click here for the recipe.

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Waffle Fruit Kebabs – A Mom’s Take

5. Waffle & Fruit Kebabs

There is always that one girl who is extremely health-conscious in every group. This one’s for her! It can be a fun DIY to cut up some fruits and pieces of waffle, and put them on a stick. You can even spill some Nutella on ’em, like by mistake?!

Click here for the recipe.


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