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104-Year-Old Kerala Woman Scored 89/100 On Government Examinations. So Inspiring!

As someone who grew up and has lived with her grandmothers all her life, I have a soft spot for senior citizens. Watching them thrive and be happy in the time they have with us brings me immense satisfaction and joy. There is so much to learn from them and they have the power to inspire you if you let them. So imagine my excitement when I read the news of this 104-year-old woman from Kerala, Kuttiyamma, scoring a solid 89/100 on an exam conducted by the state government. I couldn’t help but write about this wholesome yet inspiring story.

A 104-year-old woman named Kuttiyamma has given Kerala another feather in its cap in terms of its advances in literacy initiatives. The beaming Kuttiyamma has scored an astounding 89/100 in a state exam conducted by the Kerala government. According to Onmanorama, Kuttiyamma did not have any formal education and could read but not write. Luckily, Saksharatha prerak Rehna taught her how to write as well. She would attend classes diligently from home every morning and evening and is not eligible to appear for 4th-grade exams. She even has hearing issues and asked the invigilators to speak loudly so that she does not miss anything.

Kerala’s education minister Vasudevan Sivankutty tweeted and congratulated Kuttiyamma on this incredible feat saying, “104-year-old Kuttiyamma from Kottayam has scored 89/100 in the Kerala State Literacy Mission’s test. Age is no barrier to entering the world of knowledge. With utmost respect and love, I wish Kuttiyamma and all other new learners the best.”

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It is so inspirational to see someone as old as Kuttiyamma work this hard and do well in the endeavour she has taken up. To be this driven regardless of age is something that we can all learn from. Moreover, look at how ecstatic she look at her results!

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