Tulsi Gowda Not Only Receives The Padma Shri But Also Wins Netizen’s Hearts As She Trends On Twitter

Tulsi Gowda Not Only Receives The Padma Shri But Also Wins Netizen’s Hearts As She Trends On Twitter

With the popularity of social media and mainstream media, it is very easy to get distracted and focus one’s attention on the dazzling and edited pictures and videos of mainstream celebrities or even social media stars. However, in the process, it is easy to forget about or even ignore the members of our society who deserve the same or dare I say, more attention and support compared to what we give these celebs. It is great that awards like the Padma Shri, the 4th highest civilian award, are there to show recognition to such unsung heroes who put the country and the citizens’ needs before their own. One such person is Tulsi Gowda, a 72-year-old tribal woman who has dedicated her life to the preservation of the environment. 

Tulsi Gowda belongs to the Halakki indigenous tribe in Karnataka, from a poor family without any formal education. Despite these challenges, she is popularly known as the ‘Encyclopedia of the Forest.’ This is owing to Gowda’s vast knowledge about the different species of plants and herbs. Tulsi has always been passionate about nature and has nurtured and planted trees since she was 12. She eventually joined the Forest Department as a temporary volunteer where she was appreciated for her dedication and hard work towards to preservation of the environment. Tulsi was eventually offered a permanent position at the department. 

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Andhra BJP state general secretary Vishnu Vardhan Reddy took to Twitter as a response to Tulsi Gowda winning the Padma Shri. 

Tulsi Gowda was also appreciated for her services and achievements by netizens on Twitter. Some of the tweets talking about her were,

It is really redeeming to see someone’s life’s work being appreciated like this. The amount of support and love that Tulsi has received for her services are completely justified and she deserves nothing short of that. She had no intention of getting attention for what she did and did it selflessly out of her own passion for the environment. People like her deserve all this and more!

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