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This Woman Got Rammed By The Driver As She Rushed to Rescue A Woman In The Car. She Is A Hero!

September 07, 2020 | by Anjali Agarwal
FI She Took A Hit While Helping Another Woman.

Women being assaulted, tortured and harassed, even in the public places, is not unusual. But what is unusual is someone from the crowd having the balls to come to the rescue of the woman being assaulted. It’s sad how most people who do witness such crimes against women are mute spectators, maybe because they don’t have the courage to actually confront the abuser and protect the victim or simply don’t want to get in the middle and would rather mind their own business. Well, here is a woman from Kolkata who was not a silent onlooker but a proved to be a great example of bravery and womanhood. She went out of her way to rescue another woman  and ended up getting seriously injured in the process.

47-year-old Nilanjana Chatterjee was leaving her mother’s house with her husband and daughter around midnight on Saturday when she heard the screams of a woman in a car behind them. She got out of the car, rushed to vehicle and managed to rescue the woman. The driver panicked and pushed the woman out of the car and tried to run away. However, after seeing Chatterjee chasing his vehicle, he reversed and rammed his car into her, injuring her leg badly. She is in the hospital and the 31-year-old bank employee who was in the car is rescued and now safe. What an incredible act of bravery!

It was a deserted road off the Eastern Metropolitan bypass in Kolkata and the woman who was crying for help was in the passenger seat of the car. Upon hearing the screams, Chatterjee’s husband Deep Satpati turned his car around at an angle which blocked the way for the other car. “We were exiting the complex. I was at the wheel of our hatchback. Suddenly, my wife asked me to stop. It was she who heard a woman cry for help. We realised it was coming from the car behind us,” Satpati said. He added, “So, I steered our car at an angle and stopped in the middle of the road, blocking the sedan’s path. As soon as I braked, Nilanjana leapt out and ran towards the other car to check on the woman inside.”

Chatterjee got out of the car and ran to rescue the women, which propelled the driver, identified as Amitabha Bose, to push the woman out of the car and flee. Chatterjee rushed behind the fleeing car. Seeing this, the driver reversed the car into her, running over her leg. He managed to scram, leaving Chatterjee injured on the road. “I saw the car first strike her and then run over her right leg, leaving her writhing in pain on the road,” said Satpati.

The driver is absconding but has been booked under attempt to commit culpable homicide (Section 308 IPC). The rescued woman has also filed a complaint against him and the police is searching for him. At least, she is safe, thanks to the fearless Nilanjana Chatterjee.

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This incredible act of bravery of Chatterjee is truly commendable. She put her life at risk for another woman and saved a life. How many of us can really say we would do the same for a complete stranger and run behind a culprit without worrying about our own life? Very few. So many times, we witness eve teasing and even physical abuse on the road and decide to not even utter a word but this woman here showed what humanity and courage is. Not to mention, she set a great example for her daughter as well. If the spectators on the road who turn a blind eye to a woman being harassed are even half as brave as her, maybe we will witness less crimes against women, in the public places at least.  She is an inspiration.

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Anjali Agarwal

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