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This Supermarket In Mumbai’s Bandra Is Run By Acid Attack Survivors. Employment Brings Empowerment!

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Being a woman, I’ve always thought that true empowerment comes from being able to do what you want to do. And in today’s world, that ability can only come from being financially independent. Having your own source of income gives you a sense of self-security, a confidence that no matter what happens, you’ll be able to get through it. It even brings you emotional support, through supportive co-workers that turn into friends for life. For people, especially those who suffered through some form of abuse or trauma, gaining that confidence and independence is an incomparable joy. Which is why, this newly-opened supermarket in Bandra, Mumbai, which is run by acid attack survivors feels like such a great initiative.

On Saturday, BJP leader Chitra Wagh inaugurated the ‘All In One Mini Supermarket’ in Bandra, Mumbai. The supermarket was opened with help from the Saahas Foundation, an NGO that supports and empowers acid attack survivors. The NGO was founded in 2016 by Daulat Bi Khan, who is an acid attack survivor herself. In an interview with ANI, Khan revealed how the COVID-19 pandemic made it hard for them to raise funds for their foundation. So they organised a fundraiser and used the amount thus raised to do something that would be a more permanent help to the acid attack survivors. If they’re employed, with a steady income, it would ensure that they wouldn’t need to depend on any outside help.

Since medicines and groceries were some of the most selling items during the pandemic, the Foundation decided to open a supermarket that was run by the survivors!

And indeed, this is a noble initiative! As Wagh pointed out, it is the first time that acid attack survivors are coming together to run a supermarket. The employees have made an appeal to the people of Mumbai to support their efforts as well.

The pandemic-induced lockdown has not been kind on any one. But on certain sections of the population, it has been particularly harsh. We’ve seen countless small-time businesses destroyed by the lull in the market. However, when social distance is the norm of the day, social media is doing a fabulous job of bringing people together to help each other. We saw how #BabaKaDhaba trending on social media garnered immense help for a local dhaba owner, bringing all of Delhi to eat his food and help his business recover. Here’s hoping this beautiful initiative that aims to empower acid attack survivors to live an independent life gets the same love and response from Mumbaikars!

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