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IAS Officer And Mom Of Two, Sonal Goel Lost 15 Kgs Post Pregnancy. Her Inspiring Weight Loss Journey Has Everyone Impressed

September 23, 2020 | by Anjali Agarwal
IAS Sonal Goel

If you have gained a few extra pounds during the lockdown, welcome to the club! After months of living the sedentary life in front of the screens and binge eating because we are hella bored, we had it coming. However, this fitness journey of an IAS officer and mom of two, Sonal Goel, might inspire you a bit to get off your chair and spread that yoga mat you ordered when the lockdown began, whether you’re dealing with pregnancy weight or regular weight .

Sonal Goel took to Twitter to share the importance of making your health a priority and how she managed to lose about 15 kgs in three years post pregnancy. A lot of new moms struggle with shedding their pregnancy weight, and Goel made it look so easy. She wrote, “The Body is your temple; with ur own sole responsibility! Just sharing my journey into good health & fitness. Staying healthy is important for all, more so for females. Don’t give urself an excuse, replace ignorance with awareness! Let’s All be committed to Stay healthy & Fit.”

She added, “We tend to give ourselves an excuse, especially for weight gain during pregnancy. Similar was the case with me; gaining gradual weight since my marriage in 2009 & maximum was when I delivered my 1st child in 2013. The society also makes you accept the weight gain by saying, you have become a mother, little weight gain is natural & Okay!” She emphasises on a healthy lifestyle and regular workout to maintain a healthy and fit body. And, I already feel motivated.

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Goel managed to shed a noticeable amount of weight while juggling work from home, taking care of two kids and house work. It took her three years to get in shape and be the fit and fabulous mommy she is. Sharing her workout routine, she wrote, “I used to do light exercises, not regular though. But It was in late 2017s-early 2018s during my posting at Jhajjar that I started aerobics, Zumba, yoga & some exercise schedule at home. The results were quite encouraging.”

She didn’t let her second pregnancy halter her workout routine and continued to do light exercises. She said, “So in a couple of months, I could lose around 15 kgs weight (was required as per BMI Norms) & felt overall more energetic at work & daily life. As I entered my 2nd pregnancy during the latter part of 2018, I kept on doing little yoga & some exercises as recommended by the doctor.”

After she delivered, she didn’t stop and worked towards shedding the pregnancy weight. She said, “Post-delivery in 2020, I was determined again to be back to the body I had reached in 2018. So, efforts that started around 8-9 months bak have enabled me to reach to the level just near to my pre-pregnancy size. It’s not easy to stick to a schedule despite your office, kids & home responsibility & needs a lot of commitment. But I am happy I could do it! Off late the realization is that everything else can wait; but not health & fitness. Hope my journey into this continues.” I am sure I don’t have the tiniest bit of determination she has but I think I am going to at least try.

A lot of Twitter users asked her what made her finally embark upon this weight loss journey. Goel responded to her tweet, “As many are asking what triggered this fitness journey, so just to share that staying healthy was always in my mind, but may be not at forefront. It was in early 2018s; I realised that Once journey starts, u would just like it to improve always. Our own commitment is what matters !”

Twitter was obviously impressed and many applauded her strong will and determination to lose her pregnancy weight. A user wrote, “Too motivational, inspirational. Each work needs self confidence and positive energy. Never giving up strategy. Then only we achieve and cross huge mile stones. Your fitness work out from 2017-2020 shows this inspiration.” Another commented, “Amazing & an inspirational journey Ma’m, which I am sure is still “In progress”! Glad you raise a valid point about staying health especially for women. I am sure in your capacity you inspire thousands to take the heathy path. More power to you!”

A user wrote, “True. We just end up making excuses and never get to the goal we set for ourselves. Your journey is really inspirational ma’am.” I can vouch for the excuse bit. If I’ve made anything apart from brownies and Dalgona coffee in the lockdown, it’s excuses to not workout. Maybe I should reconsider that. Sonal Goel is giving us all kind of goals.

It’s incredible to see how a busy and working mom like Sonal Goel stayed motivated for years and finally reached her fitness goal, shedding 15 kgs, which is definitely not an easy task. If you sign up for yoga classes tomorrow and sweat out the extra kilos before the lockdown ends, you know who to thank!

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