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Neena Gupta Is Smashing Stereotypes With The Song ‘Aunty Kisko Bola Bey’

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I will admit, I am here today for the sole purpose of fixing what should have happened a long time ago, a nomenclature correction because the word has somehow turned an otherwise perfectly fine noun turn into an insult. “Aunty”, a word that could probably be the shortest horror story for a woman, a crappy reminder of age catching up. And while, for long it has been a word millennials use in a power-play to hurt their elders, actress Neena Gupta is here to turn it back into what it originally was – normal!

Okay well not as much normal as savage, seems like the Badhaai Ho actress is back at it again, this time busting all the stereotypes that have been attached with the word ‘Aunty’. Releasing a song ‘Aunty kisko bola bey‘, prior to the release of Masaba Masaba, actress Neena Gupta has left us all floored with her performance.

The one and a half minute song starts with Mithila Palkar coming in and asking Neena Gupta to move out of her way, hurling the word ‘aunty’ at her with an obvious eye roll. Except, Neena Gupta decides to do quite the opposite and how. Looking like fire, and rapping in styled, with lots of costume changes and sassy puns, Neena Gupta redefines the meaning of an ‘aunty’, making her no short of a goddess.

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The lyrics that go like, “choli ke peeche mera dil abhi shola be. Bina soche samjhe tune muh kyun khole be? Arey aunty kisko bola be?” and further go on to become even more savage as she talks about how their face may be covered in wrinkles, but they never need to hide behind filters. Ouch.

Looking like a bomb in a saree, as she did in that mustard pant suit, Neena Gupta has once again given the lot of us some food for thought and a much needed revision on what we mean when we call someone aunty. Already a hit on the internet and among people, the song has garnered well over 103 K views and is making quite the buzz. We can already see this one becoming an anthem for all those family gatherings, where millennials dare question the coolness of their parents. Guess, it’s time for the teens to move over and give a hand to the OG!

The song is part of the show, Masaba Masaba that is going to be a fictionalised take on designer Masaba Gupta’s own life, where the two would be playing dramatised versions of themselves. It said to release on Netflix on 28th of August, and we are already counting down days to it.

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