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A 103-Year-Old Granny Cheered Herself Up During The Pandemic By Ticking Two Items Off Her Bucket List. She Is Coping Tough Times Better Than All Of Us

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If there’s anything keeping me sane in the pandemic is making a long list of things I want to do after this bad dream is over. This includes packing my bags and flying off to a beach destination, shop till I drop, go jet skiing, you know things we’ve all been dying to do since we got hunkered down in our homes against our will, because, Covid. I have wasted a whole year already, I am not waiting anymore to knock things off my bucket list.

If you claim you don’t have a bucket list, you are probably lying (to yourself). Everyone has a bucket list even if you don’t have it scribbled somewhere in cursive in a cute ass diary. That’s not me, just stating a cliche. And, if you really don’t have one, create one now. (Seriously, those age-specific bucket lists telling you 30 things to do before you turn 30 are total BS.) It’s never too late since it has got nothing to do with how old you and we have a living proof. Look at this granny from Michigan who decided to cross off items on her bucket list at an age of 103. Dorothy Pollack who turned 103 this June decided to check off a few items in her bucket list amid the pandemic. Reason? She was bored!

Dorothy was living in a nursing home in complete isolation in the wake of the corona outbreak. She couldn’t meet her family nor was she able to talk to them over phone which made her “horribly depressed.” A few weeks after Dorothy Pollack got back home from the nursing home, she decided to cheer herself up by taking care of some of the items on her bucket list. She got a tattoo on her forearm and took a motorbike ride for the first time to celebrate the end of the depressing quarantine. Clearly, she is winning this pandemic.

She got a frog tattoo on her forearm (how cute is that) which she “absolutely loved.” Why a frog of all things, you ask? It is because that’s one thing she loves the most, even more than burgers and beer. Talking to CNN, she said, “It was pretty exciting because years ago my grandson wanted me to get one [tattoo] and I wouldn’t do it.” “All of a sudden, I decided I would like to have one. And if I could, a frog. Because I like frogs,” she said. It was a her gift to herself for the 103rd birthday.

The tattoo artist said she was a real sport and didn’t as much flinch while getting it done. He said, “She took it like a champ. I didn’t even see her wince. Maybe she had half a wince once.” I remember last year I wanted to get a tattoo when I turned 25 but I chickened out at the last moment. This granny is twice the woman I am. He also added that she was the oldest customer he has ever had. “She was just so excited. It was an amazing experience. If someone over a century old tells you to do something for them you just gotta do it.”

Dorothy was clearly not ready to stop after getting the tattoo and she went on to cross off another item on her list, which was riding a motorcycle. She took a sweet ride around on the motorcycle. That’s pretty badass for a granny. But then, so is getting a tattoo when you are 103 year old. So fair enough. She is definitely the coolest granny I’ve come across in my life. Look at her waving off just before she went for an adventurous ride.

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The pandemic has been especially hard on the senior citizens, not only because of the concerns regrading health but is extremely stressful for them to be cooped up in one place for months. This could obviously be a depressing time for them. The fact that this granny is treating herself to a tattoo and motorbike ride to celebrate her release from months of quarantine is the most inspiring and wonderful thing we have seen in the pandemic. A few months ago, we came across another cool granny who celebrated her recovery (read: riddance) from the coronavirus with a sip of a beer. How cool is that? These grannies have such a positive outllook towards life and making the most of the worst of times while we are just stressing TF out.

Maybe instead of sulking and cribbing about being stuck in the lockdown, we could actually learn a thing or two from these badass grannies here and keep our spirits alive rather than losing hope. Although I am still not sure about the tattoo thing, I am definitely going to work on crossing off some things off my bucket list to cheer myself up while I am at it. I hope I don’t wait till I am 103 to get that tattoo though.

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