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The New Book That Japleen Just Cannot Put Down!

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I’ve been a book lover right since my school days. Rushing to the library to read Famous Five, Secret Seven, and the Harry Potter series used to be the best part of my day. Naturally, fiction has been my go-to genre. It’s not like I haven’t tried other genres, but reading fiction gives me a kind of satisfaction that other books rarely do. It gives me a chance to escape reality and get lost in the worlds of the characters that inhabit the book and live their lives for a change. From serious ones to teen stories, every story has a different emotion to it. Some make you laugh, some make you cry, some are really boring, while others are gripping.

Whether it’s while commuting to work or before I hit the bed, I’m always reading something. Even if I don’t have a physical book at hand (which is rare) I read cheesy romantic novels on Wattpad. Now that I have finished reading Khushwant Singh’s A Train To Pakistan, the search for a new story began.



And it ended with me checking out the newly released section of Goodreads. My eyes landed on a book called The Perfect Neighbors by Sarah Pekkanen, a mystery novel with such real characters that you can feel them around you. The story is based in a suburban town where a lot of families stay. They all have secrets, they all have fears, and they all are leading lives that get entwined with each other. The plot sounds similar? The story follows the plot of the hit TV series Desperate Housewives but has its own unique spin. Part of the reason for me clicking the buy option was exactly this!

Join Kellie, Susan, Tessa, and Gigi in a rollercoaster ride of emotions and discover their secrets with a lot of nail-biting moments. I cannot wait to get to the end!

SHOP NOW: The Perfect Neighbors by Sarah Pekkanen (Rs 734)


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