Editor’s Pick: Shachi’s Minimalistic Barbed Wire Ring

There was a time when I wouldn’t even entertain the thought of wearing anything made in gold and THANK GOD I grew out of that phase. Nothing looks as good as gold against my skin — except diamonds and rubies and emeralds perhaps! Like I’ve previously mentioned, I’m not too big on jewellery for the simple reason that it feels too cold against my skin. Stupid, I know! But over the years, I’ve come to get extremely comfortable with wearing finger rings and earrings. And I like it best when it’s extremely minimal yet makes a statement.

Having a jewellery designer for a mother comes in extremely handy when you’re as picky as me. Even though I don’t need to shop for jewellery often because my mum takes care of that for me, statement pieces like this one bring out the compulsive shopper in me.



Killari Barbed Wire Gold Ring

This 18k, gold-plated ring by Killari is extremely chic and goes well with any kind of outfit you want to put on for the day. It’s minimalistic and rugged, I can ease into party mode right after work without having to change my jewellery. Imagine how much time that saves!

The barbed wire details on this ring are Killari’s signature touch and I really can’t wait to get my hands on this one. The rounded edges make sure you don’t hurt yourself accidently, how thoughtful! This punk-inspired ring is available in three sizes and is shipped all the way from Singapore. I like the simplistic design that this one has and how it looks like a rock sign. If quirky yet minimalistic jewellery is what you like, then this gold ring is for you.

SHOP HERE: Killari Barbed Wire Gold Ring (Rs 5,725)

Shachi Lavingia

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