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For My Triple-Bleached Hair That Was Dry And Falling, This Oil Serum Worked Wonderfully

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 Lockdown has made me do a ton of things. I’ve become lazier than I already was, I’ve eaten food for 10 people, and I’ve coloured my hair. And I wasn’t even heartbroken, I just got bored out of my mind.

Now here’s a funny story from when I was colouring my hair. I accidentally managed to bleach my hair 3 times. So now, instead of long silky tresses, I feel like I have hay for hair. Yeah, it broke my heart too. They should have hairstylists for emergencies like this. I’m serious. But I gave up on that idea and decided to live with this. It was tough. 

As we all know bleach is harmful for your hair and causes a lot of damage. For someone who never used conditioner, this situation meant that I had to stock up on this. Because otherwise, I was shedding hair like a tree in autumn. 

Hair oil serum

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I won’t lie that it did condition and soften my hair but not so much. There was still frizziness and roughness that stayed. So, the shopaholic in me decided to browse through Nykaa and buy random stuff I will never use in my life and then I came across L’Oréal’s Oil Serum.

L’Oréal Paris extraordinary oil serum

I’ll be honest, my hair is a serum virgin so I decided at least one of my virginities- yes, I have many- I was okay to give away. 

When the oil arrived, I wasn’t honestly expecting much from it because what can fix my over-bleached hair? I mean, it was a challenge to keep it on my scalp. My confused brain took a day to figure out how to use a serum and I decided to use it on my dry hair and experiment a bit. I was so impressed! Please refer to picture above!

Okay first of all the serum smells delicious and second of all, this is the best product ever. The oil serum isn’t actually as oily as one would think. It settles well in your hair and genuinely helps with the frizziness leaving your hair feel soft, smooth and smelling good.

When you apply it to the hair, it’s sticky for about 5 minutes but once you really work it into the hair, the greasy-ness disappears and you’re left with perfumed, gorgeous hair. I love everything about it.

I totally recommend this to everyone who has damaged or frizzy hair. This is the one product that will definitely solve all your hair problems. Also, this product is affordable af!


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