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This Colourful Lamp Adds A Dose Of Fun To Japleen’s Room

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If anyone enters my room, the first thing they’ll notice is that how colourful it really is. I love experimenting with the decor in my personal space, and every now and then I try to add something new to it. For the most part I end up DIY-ing it, whether it is a pillow or a notice board. These things add a personal touch to a room that a store-bought piece can never do. So when my maid recently broke my ceiling lamp while dusting it, I set out to make a new one.

After raiding the internet, I found this really cool mason jar lamp DIY that seemed quite easy. But, it was a nightmare and I have vouched to never try and make a lamp at home again. The jars are now sitting on a shelf in my kitchen storing peanuts. Heartbroken, I decided to buy myself a lamp instead. And I found one that looked quite similar to what I was planning to DIY.



Engrave has some really amazing lamps on offer, and there’s eve one made of crayons! But my heart called out to this piece — a set of 5 jam jar lamps — that looks gorgeous! It’s got yellow, red, orange, green and violet colours inspired by the different flavours of jam that we devour at breakfast, and it instantly brightens up my bedroom. There is an option to buy the same lights in just plain yellow too. The white hanging rod helps make the colours stand out. Trust me, all eyes will be on this wall light and everyone will ignore the mess that is on your bedroom floor.

Hit shop and get ready to welcome some vibrancy in your life.

SHOP NOW: Engrave Technicolour Jam Lamp (Rs 4,000)


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