Editor’s Pick: Shachi’s Breezy Twist To The Classic White Shirt

Classics are a must-have for every girl, be it your make-up or wardrobe. While I really like abstract prints on my clothes and some floral outfits here and there, there’s always space for yet another classic shirt in my cupboard. There are a zillion ways to style it, so it’s also a great way of making sure that you never look the same. White shirts look fabulous on everybody, and you just can’t have enough of them. While you can wear a formal white one to work with trousers or to a brunch with ripped jeans, I hadn’t come across a white shirt that was fun in itself, until I saw this one!


Runaway Bicycle Hide-N-Seek With The Breeze Top


I love how playful it is and I can only think of how I can style it to make it work appropriate. Wear it with boyfriend jeans and brogues for lunch or with straight fit pants to work. You can also wear coloured shorts or a mini skirt with this. And as much as I love this colour, I don’t have too many of these in my closet, so it’s also a fabulous addition without really repeating the colour or the style.

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Shachi Lavingia

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