Editor’s Pick: Bushra’s Badass Horn Choker

Editor’s Pick: Bushra’s Badass Horn Choker

I don’t remember a single time I’ve worn the same earrings — or any piece of jewellery for that matter — five days in a row. I love changing my jewellery according to my outfit, sometimes picking outfits just to match my jewellery. Which is why I love to score trinkets wherever I go. While thrift shops are best for local stuff, I love spending considerable (and questionable) hours on online shopping websites to hunt for the latest trends in jewellery.

As I’ve previously mentioned, my taste in costume jewellery is sorted. If it doesn’t make a statement, I’m not wearing it. I’ve had a silver choker for some years now, and I’ve been on the lookout for a stiffer gold one to amp up my evening look. When I chanced upon this beaut from Mango, I knew I’d found the one. The rigid choker necklace has been sighted on and off the ramps quite a few times in the last two seasons, which is also one reason why I love this fashion forward choker. Besides, I fell in love with its minimalist appeal. A chunkier one wouldn’t have found favour with me.


Mango Rigid Horn Choker In Post_Hauterfly

Mango Rigid Horn Choker

The icing on the cake though is that black horn pendant. It really elevates the plain gold choker like nothing else and adds a rather tribal edge to it that I love. In fact, it looks so badass that I want to own it immediately. It’s a statement-making pendant and coupled with the choker it’s a killer combo. I think the best way to bring out this choker would be to wear it with bare ears and chunky finger rings, or maybe multiple stacked rings. Oh, and black nails. Definitely black nails. Did someone say Velvet Noir?

SHOP NOW: Mango Rigid Horn Choker (Rs 1,490)

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