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Japleen Banishes Her Monday Morning Blues With This Coffee Mug!

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I think the invention of an alarm clock is the most annoying one to have ever taken place, and it’s all thanks to a guy called Levi Hutchins (yes, I googled that for you). But it also is a lifesaver without which we would never make it to work on time. Every time I hit the snooze button and kill Mr Hutchins a few more times, I can only think of a hot brewing cup of coffee to wake me up. After the first one goes in, I have some energy to make it to office, which is a good two hours from home. So by the time I actually reach, I definitely need another shot of caffeine. And by the end of the day, the count rises to around four cups. No wonder I’m high all day!

Since this drink is so important in my life, it deserves a cool mug, am I right? Trust me, the satisfaction of sipping tat delightful potion out of a fun mug is something I cannot explain! After weeks of drinking out of paper cups, I decided to treat it with some respect, and ordered this amazing mug that I am currently ‘in a relationship with’.


At home we can fill up a plate of cookies and biscuits to munch on along with our coffee, but at work extra utensils just create a mess (I can see my co-workers nodding at this). Then came this mug, straight out of caffeine heaven, that has an adorable biscuit pocket attached to it. Reminds you of a kangaroo, right! Made of ceramic, this is pretty much as luxurious as a mug can get! My father, who is the director of a crockery company, can vouch for that.

Next time, you have a biscuit in one hand and a mug in another, you will thank me for this. Yes it is expensive, but coffee lovers will not feel the pinch, given what a lifeline coffee actually is. And why only coffee, this mug is perfect for tea-totallers too, no?

SHOP NOW: Creative Coffee Mug With A Biscuit Pocket (Rs 3,148)  


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