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The Eyeliner That Makes Farozan Dazzle!

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Let’s admit it, we all have days when we find ourselves under the weather. When even the thought of dragging yourself out of bed seems like a herculean task. On such days, even the thought of dressing up and putting on your face just isn’t happening!

That’s pretty much the story of my life whenever I get a migraine. I’m pale, look a lot older, grumpy and in need of a pick-me-up that’ll make me look alive. On such days, out of sheer laziness, instead of following my usual regime, I reach out for my trusted Chambor Purple Dazzle! A thick line (I don’t even bother tight lining) and a swipe of my favourite MLBB help me look like someone who hasn’t just rolled out of the bed and into work.


Chambor Dazzle Eye Pencil

What’s great about Chambor’s Dazzle line of eye pencils is the sheer amount of pigment payoff it provides. One swipe of the buttery soft pencil on my upper lid gives me a fierce, bold pop of colour that’s purrfect for a cat eye. It’s a nice dark purple with hints of black and glitter — unlike some of the insipid purples in the market, this is the real deal. The pigment doesn’t spread and stays put for 12 hours, perfect to take you from the boardroom to the bar!

The only downside is that the pencil does not retract, that means that if you do accidently twist out more product, you’re stuck with a large nib. But that’s a small price to pay for a product that’s so good, I’ve purchased it in 4 colours: Blue Dazzle, Jade Dazzle, Grey Dazzle and Purple Dazzle. If the purple isn’t to your taste, try out the Jade dazzle pencil — it’ll give your eyes an intense brown-ness and bring out the colour beautifully. Got a favourite eyeliner that could give my current favourite a run for its money? I’d love to hear about it in the comments section.

SHOP NOW: Chambor Purple Dazzle Eye Pencil (Rs 645)


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