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Cow Urine Will Not Save You From Coronavirus. But These Foods Will Definitely Boost Your Immunity And That Will Help

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COVID 19 is the only thing everyone seems to be talking about right now. Everyone is trying to maintain social distancing by self-quarantining themselves in their homes to try and make sure they are not, in any way, infected by the coronavirus.

By now, everyone knows the symptoms (if you don’t, you are in trouble). If you know the symptoms you also that until now there has been no cure found. Well, our politicians and our babas will have you believe that drinking cow urine will cure coronavirus and also keep you from getting infected. The Hindu Mahasabha also hosted a “cow urine drinking party” to stop the spread of this virus. I have never, in my life laughed harder at anything but it also sucks I wasn’t invited to that.

Now, I don’t suppose drinking cow urine will do any good to your body to keep you safe during this pandemic. But here are five super-foods that definitely help your immune system, and in this precarious times, that alone could be all the difference.

PS: this cow urine drinking thing is utter bull shit (get it?). Don’t fall for everything you read on WhatsApp.


It’s okay if you don’t like the way ginger tastes, neither do I. Right now, though, it is not as much about the taste as it is about ensuring our immunity levels are off the charts and ginger does just that. It has proven to naturally boost the immune system of the body since it contains tons of viable vitamins. It also contains essential minerals like magnesium, zinc, iron and calcium. More importantly, ginger can combat chills, fever, a cold and a sore throat which we all know are the first symptoms of COVID 19. Well, now is the time to include extra adrak in your chai and some ginger-honey water in your diet, don’t you think?

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Broccoli and Spinach

You know how our mothers have always had to force green leafy vegetables down our throats? Maybe now we will learn to eat them willingly. Spinach and broccoli are like the superfoods of the immunity-boosting world. They are both packed with vitamin A, vitamin E and vitamin C, antioxidants and beta carotene (which increases our body’s ability to ward off infections). Both these green veggies are the healthiest when cooked as little as possible. This way they retain all their valuable nutrients.

Sunflower Seeds and Almonds

Believe it or not but eating just a handful of sunflower seeds every day can boost your immunity levels. They are full of nutrients that include phosphorous, magnesium and vitamin B6. But the main nutrient that they possess is vitamin E which is an antioxidant. It plays a major role in maintaining and regulating your immunity system. Vitamin E is also the main nutrient found in nuts such as almonds. A few almonds a day with your sunflower seeds can make all the difference.

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Papaya is amongst those fruits that are loved by everyone. I mean, what can beat a good papaya banana smoothie?  But do you know what is better than the taste of papaya? What it does for our immune system. Papayas are loaded with Vitamin C, potassium and B vitamins which boost immunity levels. Just a single papaya can give you the daily recommended dose of vitamin C. Basically, eating papaya not only improves your body’s disease-fighting skills but also regulates your overall health.


Almost every cuisine in the world uses garlic. It not only adds a little zing to the food but also defines the taste. The only downside to garlic is the horrid after taste it leaves behind, but hey that’s a small price to pay considering all the good it does to our bodies. It has some serious immunity-boosting properties which comes from a sulphur-containing compound found in garlic known as allicin. Chew it or mix it in your food, but garlic is essential if you are trying to ensure your immune levels stay up.

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