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7 Arm Exercises With Weights To Help You Get Rid Of Bingo Wings In 2 Weeks!

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The only wing that we all need is the one at the end of our eyelids, so getting rid of the bingo wings is what my life is all about right now! Working on your shoulders, biceps and triceps can really tone up your arms and give you muscle definition. But if you have no idea how to work out your arms, we’ve got you the perfect arm exercises with weights to help you get started.

This routine, consisting of 7 exercises done for 15 repetitions and 2 times through, will help you tone up your arms in two weeks flat!

1. Standing V Raise

2. Bent Over Row With Tricep Kickback

3. Over Head Triceps Extensions

4. HAVYK Raise

5. Butterfly Shoulder Press

6. Reverse Fly


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