This Statement Neckpiece Won’t Fail To Get You Noticed

Almost every other day, I dedicate time to check new design houses on various social media platforms, redo my ‘splurge list’, or even thrift jewellery. I love jewellery (clichéd yes! Idc though). ‘Too many baubles’… can you imagine a woman ever saying that? Even if one owned all of the family heirlooms, bought one statement neckpiece after the other, and even cleared shop after shop, when it comes to jewellery, there’s NEVER too much.

Sultana-Neckpiece-AeteeDesigns_Editors Pick Hauterfly


Aé-Teē Sultana Neckpiece (Rs 6,400)


Speaking of which, one of my most-liked design houses in India is Aé-Teē. Founded by designer Ankita Tewari, the brand doles out funky, fun, statement pieces, which are far from boring and highly affordable. My pick of the week is Aé-Teē’s Sultan Neckpiece (such an eye-catcher). I love how this intricately-handmade choker is adorned with Swarovski crystal elements.

This bauble is perfect to contemporise your festive outfit. You can also work this statement piece with your basic neutral-hued shift dress and a pair of stilettos or maybe choose it to accessorise that co-ord in white that’s tucked away in your wardrobe. You’ll not just amp up a regular outfit but also look dressy. Note: If someone says “That’s too dressy, no?” (read: I can never carry off that piece like you do) ignore them and grin, lady. You’re probably doing this right because while many admire, some burn with envy.

SHOP NOW: Aé-Teē Sultana Neckpiece (Rs 6,400)

Simi Kuriakose

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