Do Us A Favour, Let’s Not Play Holi In Our Stunning Whites. Instead, Here’s A Better DIY

Do Us A Favour, Let’s Not Play Holi In Our Stunning Whites. Instead, Here’s A Better DIY

“Bura na maano Holi hai” well, I guess you should bura maano incase your beautiful white kurta becomes a victim of colours this Holi, and for starters, let’s not take that out in the first place. I mean, how much ever we love imagining a colourful Holi celebration in the best of our closet whites, it’s hard to bid them adieu post a fun-filled time. From the harmful, chemical reactions of colours, that leave behind happy memories of stains, the idea of wearing a brand-new white kurta can be a decision you probably shouldn’t take. Plus, buying something new for Holi will need me another hour to first understand, why would you do so?

So, instead of ruining your special whites, or letting your wallet loose on  new outfits, let’s use the boon of DIY to make sure our Holi isn’t deviating much from the style quotient. While the world is falling for upcycled and DIY fashion, it’s the best way to keep your style in check even onHoli. Right? Hence we decided to share with y’ll some of the many ways you can try curating your colour play uniform for this year, with your existing closet.

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If the colour white remains your dearest favourite hue, then ladies, go dig out your old white shirts or T-shirts and crop them out for a newer design. Cut the edges and braid them together for a fringed T-shirt look, or cut the armholes deep and pair the oversized shirt with a funky bralette, peeking through the sides. Have fun with your old white T-shirts and give them a brand new look for the festive time. Also, you can use your dad’s old shirt, cut the sleeves off, cinch it with a belt and have a stunning white shirt dress to yourself (don’t forget to wear an inner beneath).


The festival of colours is rather incomplete without some colours on your clothes. Use your old bandhani or tie-dye dupattas and convert them into a kaftan kurta. Fold the dupatta into equal halves, and look out for the centre on the folded edge. Use a T-shirt or an existing kurta to help you trace a neckline for yourself. Mark the outline and crop the fabric out. To give your kaftan a definite shape, chalk out the sleeves you want in your outfit. Keeping comfort in mind, take the rest and stitch it all together. Seal the look with a funky belt and voila, you’re good to go! You can also use the trick to turn an old shirt into a new one with fun patchwork designs.


Another way of adding some sprightful shades to your old garments is by splashing some paint. Have fun with the strokes and paint over an old denim jacket, shirt or even a basic T-shirt to get great results. Plus, make sure it is waterproof because you don’t want your clothes to bleed.




Denim never goes out of style and is probably the easiest piece you can have fun creating a new look with. Take any two old pairs of denim jeans from your closet, preferably of two different shades/wash of blue. Cut out the pieces from both pairs and exchange them with a multitude of old, waste fabric and design the front panels of your jeans. Patchwork works like magic and looks uber cool when paired with a basic shirt or top. You can use the technique to also stitch together old denim pockets onto jackets for funky designs.

I think pyjamas have served as the best Holi attire for the longest time and why not, they are comfiest of ’em of all. Also the uber-cool pick for many celebrities, you too can style your pyjamas to celebrate Holi this year. Take cues from Athiya Shetty and turn your matchy-matchy sets into a three-piece attire. Unhook the buttons of your nightwear shirt and layer it over a fancy crop top or a white t-shirt and add some fun earrings for better results. You can also play with prints and pair your striped pyjamas with a floral oversized shirt. And if stuck? Then fikar not and take some style cues from our fav. SJP and use the power of colour and print play.



Accessories can indeed make or break a look and its important to flaunt your collection this year. From thread earrings, to silk scarves (crucial to help save your hair), add colourful elements of designs with an array of prints to amp up your casual Holi outfits. Add a funky flavour to your footwear too and convert your basic Holi staple rubber slippers into chic, show-stopping pairs. Stick some sequins, fabric flowers or wrap a cloth around the straps to revamp your regular pair of home-bound slippers.

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Which DIY technique are you applying this Holi?

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