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Beauty Experts Dole Out Holi Skincare And Haircare Tips That Could Change Everything

March 26, 2021 | by Anjali Agarwal

Almost everyone loves Holi. I remember prepping for the festival days in advance when I was kid. Now, as an adult with a dozen skin and hair problems that most definitely worsen post the couple hours of enjoying the festival, I dread more than being excited for it. The hours I used to spend on getting water balloons ready and making strategies to get back on that annoying neighbourhood aunty, are now spent on preparing my skin and tresses for the wrath of colours. Holi is a festival you cannot take enough precautions when it comes to your skin. And if you are already dealing with some skin woes like acne or excessive dryness like me, you have to be extra careful with your beauty routine and follow some pro tips pre, post and during Holi.  

What are these tips? We have you covered on all the necessary tips and products you should be using recommended by the beauty experts. We did the work for you and went ahead and asked them what you should and should not be doing during Holi so your skin and hair don’t pay the price. Here are beauty dos and don’ts from the best in the business, just in time for you to prepare your skin and hair for Holi. 

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Pre Holi Skincare  

Unless this is your first time playing Holi, we know you don’t just hop out of the bed and start playing with colours completely ignoring your skincare and haircare. You must be oiling your hair and moisturising your skin well so the colours don’t damage them and come off easily. However, there are some other pro skincare and haircare steps that you need to follow too. 

Irene Kim, the head of marketing at Maccaron Beauty stresses on sun protection while playing Holi. She says, “The sunlight during this period is very strong, so you should use SPF45 PA++++ outdoor sunblock not only on your face but also on your body. She recommends Suntique I’M PURE PERFECT CICA SPF50 and Skin Essentials Deep Moisture UV Protector SPF50+ PA++++


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Dr Sushant Shetty from Kaya recommends using organic colours, trimming your nails and applying a clear nail polish to avoid nail staining and for hair, he says, “tie it up in a bun to protect it from damage. It would be great if you can tie it up with a headscarf.” The co-founder of Neemli Naturals , Bhaskara Seth suggests using “a hair oil and body oil to form a protective layer on the skin and hair strands. The Neemli Head To Toe Oil Therapy Duo – with the Rosemary & Jojoba Hair oil + Pomegranate & Sea Buckthorn Body Oil is perfect for this.”

Post Holi Skincare 

First thing’s first. Use gentle bath soaps and a gentle cleanser for your face like Kaya Skin Awakening Rinse Face Wash. But the job isn’t quite done with cleansing and removing colours. The moisture gets zapped from the skin and for the next couple days and probably a week, you need to take extra care of your hair and skin to help retain moisture and undo the damage caused by the colours. Manchandaa suggests, “Moisturize your skin well after removing the colors. A deep pore cleansing mask will clean the pores and reduce a lot of problems related to clogged pores.” Also, slap on a face mask for extra TLC. “It’s good to use a sheet mask every 2-3 days during the final step of skincare to fill the insufficient moisture,” says Kim. She also adds, “Carry a mist around and spray it on your face whenever you feel dry.” For those who tan easily, use Bombay Shaving Company’s De-Tan Kit with Activated Charcoal that “will deep cleanse and de-tan your face while unclogging pores.”

Mistakes To Steer Clear  

The first thing you do after playing holi is get in the shower and try to get rid of all the colours. However, that’s the biggest mistake you are making. According to Dr Shetty, you should slather coconut oil first to break down the colours and to make them come off easily. “Before showering, take cold pressed coconut oil and apply it all over your body. Most colours are fat soluble so use coconut oil to loosen the colours off your skin. Then wipe it off with a dry cloth before taking a shower.” You could also use The Simply Nam Makeup Remover and Cleansing Towel to cleanse and gently remove the colours before you hit the shower. 


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Also, don’t use grainy exfoliators and scrub gently to avoid dry and irritated skin. “People often use harsh scrubs and exfoliators to remove the holi colors from their skin. This damages the outermost layer of the skin and leads to redness and dryness,” says Nandeeta Manchandaa, Founder of beauty brand Enn’s Closet. Use a gentle scrub like ENN What A Melon Face Scrub.

There is one other skincare tip that we at Hauterfly are totally swearing by, which is not playing Holi at all. That’s right, not with organic colours, not with water, not with flowers. Okay I don’t mind flowers, actually. Skipping on Holi not only saves you from all the skin woes all together but also saves water and lives, since you know, we are still in the middle of the pandemic. Happy Holi long weekend!

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