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This Backpack Is Giving Simi Serious Back-To-School Vibes

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I’ve reiterated this before: had I a chance, I’d never ever carry a shoulder bag. Why do you ask? Let me put it this way — I think it’s immensely burdensome. *There, there, my poor shoulders* But given the fact that we, as women, have the universe (read: makeup, sanitary napkins, wallet, the list of knick-knacks goes on) to carry along with us, there’s no way we can strut around without a bag. Nonetheless, I’m against the idea of wrecking my shoulder and back with a one-strap bag. Instead, me thinks, a backpack is THE best carry-all alternative. Trust me when I say this, I thanked my stars when the backpack made a comeback on international runways a few seasons back. And I love how most of us can’t get enough of this back-to-school trend. As far as I’m concerned, my style is pretty androgynous, and I like how a backpack works perfectly with most of my ensembles. And so, for this week’s #HauteList I picked this stylish backpack from H&M.

H&M Backpack_Editor's Pick Product_Hauterfly

H&M Backpack (Rs 1,999)

At first look, this H&M piece seems like a bucket bag. But no, it ain’t just another tasseled bucket bag lookalike. Instead, it’s a backpack with a short handle and a tasseled drawstring. With metallic hardware, this imitation leather bag is a lovely powder blue shade, which is what makes this bag even more coveted. Team your button-down A-line skirt with a tee, a bomber jacket, and sneakers, and carry this backpack to complete the attire. Or you can even layer your shift dress with an oversized shirt and add this backpack for a balanced look. No matter what your style is, this H&M backpack is just what you need to lug around.

SHOP NOW: H&M Backpack (Rs 1,999)


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