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This Fanny Pack Is Giving Snehal Major Style Goals!

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Remember DPad’s recent airport look? Yep, the one where she looks like a total bombshell, with a beautiful golden tan and a cool girl outfit that just stole my heart. And her choice of bag had me totally lusting over it. No one ever made a fanny pack look this effing cool.

That’s exactly when I decided to go on a hunt for a great dupe (’cause let’s be honest, I ain’t no Deepika to afford a Gucci) that would quench my thirst to own one, and look as cool as DPad too! Okay, well let’s not make this about Deepika, and talk about the real deal here.

It’s a fanny pack, you gaiz. This RAD accessory has been trending for a while now, and it’s the perfect kinda bag for a girl who loves to be hassle-free and bag-free.

Love Moschino Quilted Bum Bag_Inpost

Love Moschino Quilted Bum Bag

I honestly hate a night out with my girls where I have to pay special attention to my baggage *literally*. Specially after a few drinks down, you want to have a fun night without being worried about losing your phone or wallet. Hence, a fanny pack fits perfectly in the picture.

So after hunting for a great dupe, I stumbled on this cutie on ASOS. This fanny pack aka bum bag is from Love Moschino, and I love the quilted texture and simplicity of it.

It’s really not #OTT and can be worn with anything and everything to add that extra touch of sass to your outfit. The quality looks great, and I love the fact that it has a nice faux leather texture that makes it look classy too. A fanny pack is also the perfect accessory to carry, if you’re on vacation or at a music festival.  I can totally see myself rocking this baby over a cool pair of shorts, teamed with a ripped tee.

So if you too are feeling a li’l experimental and are willing to ditch your obvious tote bags and slings and give this bum bag a shot, then I suggest you snag this ASOS bag, STAT!

SHOP NOW Love Moschino Quilted Bum Bag, ASOS (Rs 15,574 approx)


Always fluttering around looking for a great pair of sole-mates.

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