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Bollywood Needs To Rethink Its Monsoon Fashion Because It Is Looking A Bit Choppy Right Now!

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Twitter has a new favourite hashtag and it is #MumbaiRains. The city has been witnessing the heaviest rainfall in over the decade and we have already ruined two pairs of sneakers in a month. The monsoon has definitely gotten us in a funk but one section if Bombay public that remains unaffected is Bollywood. Celebs have been spotted in styles that are a small splash away from looking like a mucky disaster and we don’t get it.

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This revelation first came to us when we spotted Dia Mirza at the morning on a gloomy Friday morning and were super impressed by her monsoon appropriate outfit.

The rain sandals, cotton pants in black and top that will dry in under ten minutes, it’s nearly perfect. We bet ourselves that not many celebs were doing rainy-day-fashion right. The revelations our hawk-eyed fashion police uncovered were shocking, to say the least!

All The Flare

We can just imagine fans of chiffon taking deep anxious breaths looking at this picture of Sonakshi Sinha. Ethnic style during monsoons is reserved for fabulous bright kurtas with cropped pyjamas or leggings. Sonakshi’s potentially soiled hems on this Anita Dongre set is might just be our worst nightmare and her sy

All The Silk

Whatever happened to sticking to cotton while it’s pouring out? Monsoon is the prime time to wear off all of our cotton and simple fabrics, the ones that are easy to dry out. Malaika Arora Khan’s silk dress, while stunningly sexy, will never bounce back once it comes in contact with rain water. Can we please, save the silks? *tries to make hashtag #savethesilk a thing*

All The Lengths

Bootcut jeans are seriously underrated. They can make a girl look damn sexy, well, in the summer when it’s paired with a cute crop top. But long bootcuts  will only get sopping wet in the rain. And there’s no escaping that, even if you are a star. Looks like Jacqueline Fernandez had to spend hours in the freezing theatre in some damp-bottomed jeans, which is so not ideal.

All The Details

Don’t get us wrong, we love Rakul Preet Singh’s pop pants in this one, it’s just the right amount of colour for a gloomy rainy afternoon. But boy are those ruffles are going to mess us up if caught in a draft! Plus, that risk-taking with white! Simplicity is key during this season, when combined with smarter silhouettes, it is functional as well.

And Finally…All The Whites!

Do we even need to say this out loud? While Fatima Shaikh is uber-confident in her prowess to pull this ensemble off on a rainy day, we aren’t. We are worried about the time her dhobi will have to put in trying to get the stains of muck out. The constant fear of accidentally sitting on a wet surface and having our undies seen through those light pants? The horror!

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