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How To Wear Ruffles Like Alia Bhatt At Literally Any Time!

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Alia Bhatt is always standing at the forefront of the trending style world! Her statements are a mix of edgy, classy, and most of the time, very relatable in the ‘I’m not a celebrity’ dimension.

This time, Alia was spotted bringing another old trend back to life on not just one, but two occasions. The fashion statement has been around, but it’s been dormant for a tad bit now… so it was a delight to see this diva sport it once again.

Spotted in minimalistic ruffles, Alia wore the trend at two events — and she gave it a good AM to PM spin with these ruffled outfits.

Day-Time Talkies

Ruffles for the day work great on skater skirts, or dresses that are usually midi or short in length. Something with tiers simply adds to the playfulness of the outfit. Go for pastel shades, or even floral prints to keep that fun going.

Thinner fabrics tend to fall better when ruffled up, so choose something that makes you feel easy breezy!

An Evening Affair

For a more elegant evening approach, minimalistic ruffles work style wonders! Go for a maxi dress, or a lehenga-choli pairing with a blouse that sports a flared sleeve. More stand-out colours such as gold, silver, and white will add to the fanciness of the evening.

When it comes to fabrics, think more shimmer, sheen, and shine!


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