Director Vikas Bahl Reveals Kangana Ranaut Starrer Queen Will Have A Sequel. But Do We Want It?

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Director Vikas Bahl Reveals Kangana Ranaut Starrer Queen Will Have A Sequel. But Do We Want It?

Some movies are better left untouched because these films are more than just characters or a story. They have a special place in our hearts and we don’t want to see a sequel to it. One such film is Kangana Ranaut starrer Queen directed by Vikas Bahl. However, in a recent interview, the director addressed the much-asked question about the sequel of this film and revealed that he intends to make Queen 2 soon. Vikas Bahl also revealed why he has not made a sequel yet.

Almost 10 years back, the Kangana Ranaut starrer Queen hit the theatres, and we don’t think that the film has even one hater. From the story to the performances, every part of the film hits the right chord. While speaking about the film’s sequel with News18 Showsha, Vikas Bahl put forth his wish to make Queen 2 soon. However, he also spoke about things that were stopping him from making the sequel. Vikas Bahl firmly stated that he wants the sequel to fulfil the expectations of the audience that were set by the original film. He also revealed that the story of the sequel is complete and it should happen soon. The director also stated that he has always felt the pressure of delivering a good sequel to the film and therefore did not go ahead with it until he found the right story for it.


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Well, while we appreciate the fact that Vikas Bahl acknowledges the expectations of his audience, we still fear that the sequel will never be able to do justice to the original film. It may be too early to conclude but nothing can come close to the fresh perspectives and emotions that Kangana Ranaut starrer Queen offered. We wonder if the sequel will be equally impactful. Although, we look forward to it with our fingers crossed!

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