Sonakshi Sinha And Chris Hemsworth Talk About Health And Weight Loss Struggle In New Interview

Sonakshi Sinha And Chris Hemsworth Talk About Health And Weight Loss Struggle In New Interview

With the new year just beginning, many of us have resolutions and goals for 2022 to be healthier and better versions of ourselves. And who better to show us how to aim to be healthier versions of ourselves than people who took up the challenge and are known for their health journeys? An Australian vitamin supplement brand interviewed actors Chris Hemsworth and Sonakshi Sinha on health, wellness, their health journeys, and how they have managed to remain in shape throughout the years.


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Sonakshi Sinha told Chris about his popularity in India and how loved he is here. She spoke to him about Indians’ excitement for Chris to come to India for the shoot for his movie Extraction. Chris Hemsworth said, “I love the people, I love the food. It was a very warm and welcoming atmosphere there. We had thousands of people turning up to watch us shooting and cheering after the end of every take. It was a very unique and special experience. It is very close to my heart and it always will be.”

Sonakshi also discussed her dramatic and massive weight loss of 30 kgs which she underwent to debut for Dabangg in 2010. She spoke about her own struggles with losing weight as she has a tendency to gain weight easily and had to go through experimentation to find what exercises work for her.

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Sonakshi Sinha talked about her most challenging role which she claims is in the 2016 action movie, Akira. She said that her role in the movie challenged her mentally and physically. Sonakshi said, “It was a very heavy role I was playing. I am usually the actor who switches on and off with the camera. If the camera is rolling, I act. I don’t dwell on a character and their feelings and emotions. But that role was challenging. I felt that it required a lot more out of me than I was normally doing. I like being challenged, I like being pushed to my limits, and the film did that. It is one of my most special roles and one of my most difficult roles.”

The interview, for a brand called Swisse, was very insightful and altered a lot of how I saw the concept of health and weight loss. Both, Sonakshi Sinha and Chris Hemsworth have been in an industry that puts so much emphasis on appearance, speak from experience and we can all learn from them. 

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