Shah Rukh Khan Charms Dubai As His L’il One Alia Bhatt Replies To Jawan Trailer Name-Dropping Her

SRK made fans hearts go dhak-dhak!
Shah Rukh Khan Charms Dubai As His L’il One Alia Bhatt Replies To Jawan Trailer Name-Dropping Her

Shah Rukh Khan’s Jawan film is just a few days away from its big theatrical release. After the rocking trailer of the Atlee directorial that was dropped on August 31, fans cannot wait to book their tickets to SRK’s film. There were some very cool and funny dialogues that Shah Rukh Khan has said in the Jawan trailer that fans cannot get over. Like the one where he says, “Bete ko hath lagane se pehle baap se kar” or when he says to the negotiator, “Chahiye toh Alia Bhatt.” Alia took to her Instagram to respond to this dialogue as well!


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Alia Bhatt reacts to Jawan trailer

Alia Bhatt shared the trailer of SRK-led Jawan on Instagram and also responded to her mention in it. In the video, Shah Rukh’s Anti-Hero is talking to the negotiator after he holds people in a metro hostage and the latter asks him what he wants. To which, channelling his personal witty style, SRK says, “Chahiye toh Alia Bhatt.” Responding to this, Alia wrote on her Instagram, “Aur poori duniya ko chahiye sirf SRK!”

Shah Rukh Khan unveils Jawan trailer in Dubai

The Jawan trailer was also unveiled on the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. Here, SRK recreated one of the most fiery dialogues, “Bete ko hath lagane se pehle…” for his fans as well.

He also urged his fans to watch Jawan as it is the first and last time he has gone bald in a film.

Shah Rukh also met his fans at the Dubai Jawan trailer launch event where he gave his iconic pose with his hands spread out!

SRK also said at the event that there is something for everyone in Jawan and that all his fans must go watch his film.

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SRK also danced to the Banda Zinda song from Jawan for his fans!

Are you excited for Jawan? Because we sure are! The film will hit theatres on September 7, 2023.

Jawan Trailer Reaction: SRK’s Dialogue “Bete Ko Haath Lagaane Se Pehle…” Is Taking Over The Internet!

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