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Priyanka Chopra Jonas Opens Up About The Criticism She Faced For Her Ageing Body. It Changed Her Relationship With Social Media

October 08, 2021 | by Ritu Sanghvi

A part of life that is constant is ageing. You can never escape it nor can you prevent it. With ageing a lot of things change—from the way you look at the world to the way you look at yourself. For most of us, ageing is a natural process and doesn’t bother us too much. But for actors and models whose entire career depends on their appearance, ageing can be quite the hassle. Especially when you start getting hate on social media for the way you look. In fact, Priyanka Chopra Jonas recently revealed how she faced a lot of criticism on social media for her changing body and was told that she was ageing, which in turn changed her entire relationship with social media.

On Victoria’s Secret’s VS Voices podcast, Priyanka Chopra Jonas spoke about her ever-changing relationship with her body. She said that just like many newcomers in the industry, even she believed that unrealistic beauty standards were the norm and so for years she never used her natural textures. 


The former Miss World, who started her journey in the entertainment industry at the age of 17 after winning the pageant, was raised in an environment where there was a constant watch on what her shape was, what her figure was, and what her measurements were. In fact, in her 20s she believed that the photoshopped face and perfect hair was the right way to go. She even recalls how to have the perfect hair, she would always have her’s blown out. And everything that she was meant to learn was thrown at her at such a fast speed that she did not have time to introspect what that did to her, Priyanka Chopra, as a person and not a public figure.

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The Quantico actress retrospected on the time when she had lost her father, and like many others, sought solace and comfort in food. And that was the time when she faced a lot of criticism for her changing body and was told that she was ageing. This kind of criticism on social media messed with her head and changed her relationship with social media.

Priyanka Chopra Jonas said, “I think over time when my body started changing and I went through that phase when I was eating my emotions, my body started changing, I reached my 30s, I went through struggle because I used to get online grief from people like, ‘You are looking different, you are ageing’, this and that. It messed with my mind at that time. My mind was already in such a dark place and I didn’t have time for it. My relationship with social media changed, my relationship with the internet changed… I incubated myself in a way where I protected myself, I went into my Cancerian self-preservation self and got back into my shell.”

While talking about her relationship with social media, the Bollywood actress revealed that though she is comfortable with sharing pictures of herself with her family, husband Nick Jonas and herself, there are still some things that the people online and her fans will never see. The toxic and unsafe nature of the internet has tried to remain guarded and in control of it, even though most of the time she isn’t.

The Baywatch actress said, “I’m very private; my family, my home, my feelings, I keep them closely guarded.” Asked how she decides what she wants to ‘keep private’, Priyanka said, “I don’t have kids yet, so I don’t know what to feel about that. It’s something that I’d like to think about sooner than later. I think with me, I don’t like digging too deep. I’ll maybe show an image of me and my husband, or me and my mom and my brother, but you’ll never see what actually happens within the sacred, safe space of my home.”

Priyanka further added, “It’s a little bit ornamental, I feel what I share, and unless I’m having a moment where I feel vulnerable, talk about my feelings in a caption or something. I’ve to build a very hard exterior. I started in this business when I was 17, predominantly in a patriarchal industry, and you kind of had to toughen up and pull up your boots to just survive. And you’re not allowed to feel anything. I built myself to be a survivor, to be a street dog, who’s going to be like, ‘I’m going to do whatever I need and do it with grace and dignity’.”

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To be on the platform that she is on and having spent so many years in the industry, it is difficult to believe that someone like Priyanka Chopra Jonas can be affected by negative comments on social media. But I guess when we look at them and what they’ve achieved we often forget that they are humans after all and also have the same insecurities that most of us do. And to push through it all and still come out as a winner (the way she has) takes a lot of strength and hard work. 

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Ritu Sanghvi

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