Twitter Can’t And Won’t Stop Gushing About The Charm Fawad Khan Brings To ‘Ms Marvel’ In Ep. 5

Twitter Can’t And Won’t Stop Gushing About The Charm Fawad Khan Brings To ‘Ms Marvel’ In Ep. 5

I still remember the first time I saw Fawad Khan on screen. It was love at first sight. He was (and still is) everything – a man with a good heart (from all that I’ve heard and read about him), a talented actor, breathtakingly beautiful, and the list goes on. By now I’m sure you’ve established that I’m a Fawad fanatic and I’m not even going to try and deny it. But what I am going to keep gushing about is how amazing he is in Ms Marvel episode 5. Yep, the much-awaited character Hasan played by Fawad Khan finally made his debut in episode 5 of Ms Marvel and I along with Twitterati can’t stop (and won’t stop) gushing about the charm he brings to the show.

The 5th episode of one of the most-watched and loved shows – Ms Marvel is out and desi Twitter has been waiting eagerly for it. Why? Well, because it is the episode where Fawad Khan who plays Hasan finally makes an appearance on the show. 

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In the fifth episode of Ms Marvel, the first half is spent narrating the story of Kamala Khan’s great grandmother Aisha who is one of the Clandestine and also the original owners of the bangle. After which there’s a romantic subplot wherein we see Aisha and Hasan (played by Fawad Khan) fall in love with each other and start a family together. Trust me when I say this, the entirety of it is filled with Bollywood cliches. 

Episode 5 of Ms Marvel depicts the India-Pakistan partition that is sure to leave you teary-eyed. However, this also means that Fawad Khan who plays Kamala Khan’s great grandfather will enter the show full-fledged in the next episode.

While the next episode is still a week away, here’s what the fans had to say watching Fawad Khan in the Marvel universe:

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Uff! Can we please have the 6th episode soon!?

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