Kangana Ranaut Expresses Shame About Starting Airport Looks In India, Calls Herself “Victim Of Capitalism”

Itna kyun bolti ho, Kangana?

Nowadays, celebrities have made airport looks also a thing. Paparazzi videos of celebrities at the airport are nothing less than a fashion show. But can we say who started this trend, and made it so popular in India? Not really! However, actress Kangana Ranaut has claimed with proof that it was she who started the trend of airport looks here. The actress went on the bash the concept of fashion brands, and Western clothes and expressed shame about being a part of it in her past. 


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Kangana Ranaut’s fearless and unapologetic opinions are not hidden from the world. She has now put forth her points to criticise capitalism, fashion brands, and the “Stupid” concept of airport looks. In a string of photos shared by her social media handles, the actress commented on various topics like airport looks and how fashion brands make money on such trends. Kangana Ranaut first blamed herself for starting the trend and also justified it with reasons why she did so. The Emergency actress called herself the “Victim Of Capitalism” and stated that she was “Brainwashed” by fashion magazine editors to look like a “Western Woman”. In fact, as per her western dresses in not what Indian women should flaunt. 


Kangana Ranaut also expressed shame about buying unnecessary clothes and being a reason to harm the environment. The Queen actress also acknowledged the grievances of Indian weavers and craftsmen. She further blamed international fashion brands for taking over a country’s culture. The actress also posted a throwback picture of herself carrying a fur jacket and called her past self to be a fashion victim. In the last IG story, Kangana Ranaut finally bid farewell to airport looks and firmly decided to buy clothes that benefit Indians.

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That was a lot of opinions in one string of IG stories.

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