6 Controversies That Priyanka Chopra And Nick Jonas Have Battled As A Couple And Emerged Stronger!

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Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra Jonas are one of my favourite present-day couples, they are the perfect representation of an equal and modern couple. Nick Jonas has always supported Priyanka with her life, choices, pain, ups and downs and of course, her career and she always supports him right back. They are now successfully raising their baby daughter, Malti Marie Jonas, and they’re both, always there, loving her and taking care of her. Their affection and closeness have been tested time and again as they have been through a lot of public eyes, controversies and media attention but, their love has only emerged stronger than ever, as they have managed to get through it all, together.


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Today marks their fourth wedding anniversary and this is the best day to look back at their time as a couple and of course, the awful controversies that they have made through, with each other’s love and support. Here’s a list!

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6 Controversies That Priyanka And Nick Have Gone Through, Together

1. The 10-Year Age Gap

Nick and Priyanka had to face controversies from the get-go. People were extremely worried about them because they couldn’t digest the fact that they belonged together. This was one of the biggest controversies they had to go through and their love helped them stand strong.

2. The Modern-Day Scam Artist Jibe

Various magazines decided to talk about the fact that the way Priyanka and Nick met was suspicious. They went so far as to call her a ‘modern-day scam artist’ who is only using and dating Nick Jonas because of his name and popularity. They believe that she wanted to attach her name to the Jonas family for the sake of popularity. Nick supported her throughout this mess.

3. The ‘Wife Of Jonas’ Comment

This was a huge issue for Priyanka as well as women everywhere. Women tend to be reduced to their husbands’ names and surnames at times and we all hate this. Such a thing occurred with Priyanka when she was addressed as, the ‘wife of Jonas’. Nick and she had to publicly mention how awful this felt and how they wish nothing of this sort, ever occurs again.

4. Constant Jokes About Their Marriage


There have been constant jokes, memes and mockery-laden posts about them as a couple, in the air, from the moment Nick and Priyanka tied the knot. They seem to be here to stay because well, it’s very easy to come across some of them on social media but it doesn’t bother the couple anymore. They have fought for their love, time and again.

5. Break Up Rumours

When Priyanka took to social media and removed the surname ‘Jonas’ from her account, the world went crazy with breakup rumours. People kept wondering if they actually broke up. The world was shocked and in utter chaos for a while until Nick and Priyanka posted stories clarifying the move.

6. Choosing Surrogacy To Have A Baby

Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Nick Jonas exclaimed the fact that they made a mutual decision about having a baby. They were both excited to bring a beautiful little baby into their lives and made the decision to go ahead with it privately, with surrogacy. People are known to judge women like Priyanka for choosing their careers, bodies and mental health over pregnancies and that literally makes so much sense. It’s sad that the couple had to protect each other on this front too.

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I totally ship Nick and Priyanka because even though they have been through a lot with each other, they don’t let it affect their relationship. A very happy anniversary to the beautiful couple, we wish them true happiness, bliss and togetherness, for many years to come.

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